The answer to why do we exist in 40 characters

❃ the following poems that are tagged #haiku_mod were inspired by HikiMadwoman’s accidental 😉 question: “Why do we exist?”

❃ This time HikiMadwoman says her poems were about Particle Physics, Quantum Foam, & the Planck Distance–she’s always full of surprises 😉

❃ Following tweets will B about poems & science // a very strange combination that works well // just like looking at the stars #haiku_mod

❃ The imbalance of antimatter & matter // dark energy & dark matter // are we just the foam on the universe’s sea? #haiku_mod

❃ With one accidental comment // a thousand computers take action // a million minds create new things #haiku_mod #oops

♬ ★ Star Wars (Techno ReMiX)

★ Star Wars (Techno ReMiX) [music]: #Techno #Chans

You can also find more of ♬ @MillerAri music here: Hey… Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, tonight… it feel like there’s a party every night [article]:
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Into the light

♬ Hartverdrahtet – Akronyme Analogiker | 4k Revision 2012 [music]: “Into The Light”

❃ “Why do we exist?” in 40 characters: I answer: I’d like 2 π, but I 42 U knew DAT ans = ♥

The tweet disappears // sinking beneath the deep, turbulent waters of lotus petal tweets // Is that the answer? #haiku_mod

The tweet disappears // Does time disappear // What is the meaning of our journey? #haiku_mod

❃ a story for tomorrow

❃ a story for tomorrow [a video about life]: “What is the meaning of our journey?”

Oh… Oh… Oh… “that tweet doesn’t exist–” is answer to “why do we exist?”

♬ REVISION 2012 | Gaia Machina (Approximate)

♬ REVISION 2012 | Gaia Machina (Approximate) [music]: “why do we exist?”

❃ Question: Oh… Oh… Oh… “that tweet doesn’t exist–” is answer to “why do we exist?”[a video]::

End Notes

“In general relativity, spacetime is assumed to be smooth and continuous—and not just in the mathematical sense. In the theory of quantum mechanics, there is an inherent discreteness present in physics. In attempting to reconcile these two theories, it is sometimes postulated that spacetime should be quantized at the very smallest scales. Current theory is focused on the nature of spacetime at the Planck scale. Causal sets, loop quantum gravity, string theory, and black hole thermodynamics all predict a quantized spacetime with agreement on the order of magnitude. Loop quantum gravity makes precise predictions about the geometry of spacetime at the Planck scale.” [ source wikipedia accessed 2012 ]

The videos were respectively called:

Haiku_Mod Defined through action, nature, humanity and Miku ❤❤❤

Ode to be a master // there is only one it’s said // proud am I to be one #haiku_mod

Ode: a poem meant to be sung (by Miku ❤❤❤, I made that poem for her) that has excessive emotion, and enthusiasm.

  • mixing nature, and human.
  • mixing android, virtual reality, imagination, with human or nature… our world has changed forever as virtual reality, and AI become reality–to think in a virtual world.
  • This also applies to the abstract science of  vast distances in astronomy and the tiny distances of particle physics–where virtual reality can also play a part.
  • To be able to exist in places where we can not–extreme environments of gravity, heat, cold, radiation, and of course in imagination and other universes.
  • mixing concept with nature.
  • Meditation, thought provoking, a comment on condition, a comment on natures ways, feelings and emotions.
  • The answer to why we do the things we do.


Shortened link to article: The answer to why do we exist in 40 characters [article]:

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