Maher Zain – Number One For Me

Maher Zain Introduction

Awakening Records Brief Introduction

Awakening Records, the label I suppose–that supports Maher Zain’s music–defines itself as “Islamic Music Redefined.”

Awakening Records can be found on Facebook:

“Created in 2000 to offer a wide range of products for a new modern Islamic market. Awakening Records produces faith inspired and value driven music. It specialises in the production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of sound recordings. We set out to set new standards in media and audio products. Awakening Records continues this trend by introducing exciting new recording artists to the Islamic Nasheed and music market. Awakening strives to provide the very best in live and recorded entertainment. Modern Islamic arts for a new age!”

[ Source: Facebook, accessed 2012 ]

There are a lot of broken links associated with “Awakening Records” and this may indicate (probably not a corrupt website) legal disputes that have forced certain links to be removed–unusual in some ways as this does not seem to happen with other websites.

Whatever the case is with “Awakening Records,” is should be remembered that any person in this world (no matter if they are religious of not–from an international view) can produce great music.

This is some points from an interview [2010] of Maher Zain by the Community Times:

Comment from Maher Zain during a interview

  • “I wanted to produce art for the love of art, and so did RedOne [producer], who was a true working man and not a fan of music videos, and the whole fame-loving, clubbing scene. He was not interested in the idea of cars, money, and girls… I progressed as an artist quickly in New York, and then the choice was to either be with RedOne or with someone very corrupt and so I decided to go back to Sweden and remain with him.”
  • My music is not just for Muslims, but is Islamic. The problem is in the perception of Islam. My music shows the tolerant, peaceful, loving aspect of this tradition that has been tainted with stereotypes for so long. My song “Open Your Eyes” speaks about lifting the veil of prejudice and self-judgment and they will find the signs of their purpose in life. This is indeed an Islamic value, but it’s not directed to any religious demographic.”

[ source: Community Times, Accessed 2012]

Explanation of why Maher Zain’s music belongs in this Blog

Maher Zain’s music may also contain strongly religious themes; and they sound quite good also. While the songs collected in this blog, are not generally based on a strongly religious theme, some regions of the world may still produce a large quantity of music that does have religious topics in it–and that might end up on this blog.

If songs are of another language, they may be included here if they sound good. The author is also on an adventure and learning about each region.

If the music collected here does not represent the true nature of a region, then it is hoped that the international community will understand that this blog does have a personality, and sometimes that shines through–it can probably take a life time to fully understand each region of the world.

The meanings of words can be complex as they can include local lore, jokes, metaphors and so on. The author looks at all songs from a international vantage point when possible and this view point has it’s own “lore” and facts associated with it.

From first impressions, Maher Zain seems to be making songs for the international music scene–and that’s the type of music that this blog loves to collect for use in articles.

Presenting ♬ Maher Zain – Number One For Me

Shortened link to video: ♬ Maher Zain – Number One For Me [song/music]:

Shortened link to article: ♬ Maher Zain – Number One For Me [song/music]:

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