Twitter info-graphic made using easel (Beta Version)

Twitter Infographic

How We Use Twitter

If you want to make your own info-graphic, this link might be useful:

This info-graphic was made in roughly 10 minutes. This research might not reflect what your followers do however, as you have chosen who you want to interact with and your followers (and the people you follow) may act significantly differently then what the statistics predict.

  1. simply pick a theme
  2. drop and drag the stuff you want on it
  3. text is also dropped and dragged onto the info-graphic
  4. to re-size or rotate stuff, simply use the handles provided
  5. this info-graphic is layered, so things can be placed behind other things (pictures or text at the moment).

Info-graphics are a popular way to pass on information and the links to it are often also shared by those who you give this information to.

Please note that this twitter info-graphic is only a rough calculation based on published sources. The purpose of the info-graphic is more to test easel. The author believes that a lot of people are tweeting more often than once a week. Many people probably tweet more than once a day–when they do choose to use twitter.

This is some referenced sourced statistics about twitter

  • The number of mobile telephone users increased by 182% in 2010. [1]
  • Twitter has 140 million users in 2012 (March) [2]
  • Alternative source: Twitter has 200 million worldwide accounts (Feb 2012 statistics)[9]
  • Twitter has around 100 million active users [9]
  • 21% never post a tweet [3, based on 2009 statistic]
  • 88% log in less than once a day [6]
  • 5% of users create 75% of the content [7, 2011 statistic]
  • 15.7% of accounts send more than 10 tweets a day [8, 2011 statistic]
  • 1.4% have more than 100 followers [8, 2011 statistic]
  • 90.6% of accounts follow less than 50 [8, 2011 statistics]
  • The number of tweets increase over a users lifetime [4, 2009 statistic]
  • South Africa loves to tweet a lot [5, 2012 statistic]

Example of automating your twitter account

Note: some people who have over a million followers still take the time to personally manage their twitter accounts. They may even use no automation, and that is actually amazing when you think about it.

In the above picture, over half the twitter users use automated software to manage their twitter accounts. There are various ways to do this. The below is an example for marketers, but other software may focus on maximizing social interactions. Other examples might include Hootsuit:, SimplyCast:, and there are probably a lot more.

One warning: automated tweets occurring at the wrong time can lead to your account loosing a lot of respect among your followers—because you can’t know what will happen at the time your automated tweet is published.

This was via @ZoePere65095547 who says: “Native of Washington DC. Tryingt to take over the world of fashion” (TweetBoss Software) and this account may be using a proxy server to make it appear that the user is in Washington DC.

Twitter Marketing Software — (TweetBoss) Tutorial [video]:

In this tutorial, the instructor skips over the proxy setting, but you can have several accounts that each have their own proxy server—but you may not understand what a proxy server is or why you should use one for marketing. The following is an expansion of this topic of proxy servers that may help you understand how they work.

From Twitter: “Creating and/or automating serial (or multiple) accounts for overlapping use cases is prohibited.” ref:

From Twitter: “… Serial Accounts: You may not create multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use cases. Mass account creation may result in suspension of all related accounts. Please note that any violation of the Twitter Rules is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts…” ref:

Thus: the instructor may have avoided this topic, as creating multiple accounts might be a sensitive thing that can result in suspensions of all related accounts.

Here is some tips about why you should use a proxy server

Proxy servers might allow you the chance to make some mistakes, without twitter tracking all your accounts back to your IP address and suspending all twitter accounts that were created at that IP address (your computer location, or mobile telephone IP). Of course acting in a responsible is the best way as it could avoid possible disruption to all your work and efforts.

For marketing you want to become anonymous on-line so you can have several twitter accounts that have different IP addresses, and seem to other twitter users as being different people. This allows you to use various marketing techniques, test ideas, and not get upset is one of your accounts is banned because you took your business tests too far. Experiments might include targeting different customer segments, and crafting your profile and content to be attractive to each segment—but this could be seen as overlapping use by twitter.

With proxy servers you can also set up each account to market several different products, and each account can’t influence the others success or failure—unless you purposely link them in some way. Thus if one product fails to meet customer expectations, your other product sales (using different twitter accounts) will not be affected by this failure.

VPN, TOR, and Proxy Explained

How to become anonymous online (VPN, TOR & Proxy) [video]:

Marketing VS Making That Dream Come True

Marketing can be a business in itself, but as mentioned above some people with over a million followers don’t seem to use automation (at least on a personal basis) for marketing their products. Two people for example is an author, and chef; and a online-radio interviewer, and artist. Both personally manage their twitter accounts and give personal replies. It’s possible that they may use intermediate software to keep a track of all the people who follow them, and make mention of them, but it still in the end a personal management rather than an automated one.

Marketing is only one tool to making your dream come true: 🚀 Making that dream come true [article]: #Business #Startup #Idea

Your business idea may also be strengthened if you create a business-plan: ☯ The Business Model [article]:

There are also formal business plans that help you get financial loans from the bank. Often you can find out how to produce such a business-plan by reading books about starting small business, or using a search engine for your own country—as the requirement, and rules for starting a business in your particular country or area may differ greatly. Often doing a short course, or talking to specific business owners can build your confidence and understanding of what is really involved in running the business that you are interested in.


Shortened link to post: Twitter info-graphic made using (the kind of stuff that people like to share) [article]: #useful


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