The story that you did not know

☆ supercell – Kimino Shiranai Monogatari // The Story That You Don’t Know

☆ supercell – Kimino Shiranai Monogatari // The Story That You Don’t Know [song/music]:


@Nori_ClanKey – story you do not know – バンドで 化物語ED 『君の知らない物語』 を演奏してみた。[song/music]:

Shortened link to video: ☆ @Nori_ClanKey – Story you do not know – バンドで 化物語ED 『君の知らない物語』 を演奏してみた。[song/music]:

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Shortened link to article: ☆ @Nori_ClanKey – Story you do not know – バンドで 化物語ED 『君の知らない物語』 を演奏してみた。[song/music]:

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4 Responses to The story that you did not know

  1. Tacqo says:

    Reblogged this on What am i doing here and commented:
    beautiful omg!!

    • gharrhome says:

      There is a lot of really good music out there and some of it will become famous.

      That industry of new music also supports others such as dancers, and other artists (such as vocaloid artists and scenery background art) who need the backing of good sounding music.

      In return those musicians that are cause a “storm” of creativity are rewarded by having additional sources of being noticed and ultimately being promoted to the public.

      I am glad you like listening to the new musicians making their mark in the new age of the internet where there a lots of new possibilities 😀

      • Tacqo says:

        haha, yes!! i don’t know how to further explain it without sounding like a ‘hipster’ or something, but there’s just something about getting to hear and discover new people and their unique sounds that I really like, it makes me feel great to know that they are out there trying their best, and that i’m here listening out for them (even if i can’t do much, but sit here alone and support/root for them!!) So I shall continue on with that, discovering more people and their flourishing talents! =u=

  2. gharrhome says:

    Hello Tacqo,

    Your blog looks very cool: I hope you find lots of people that like your articles there. I like Miku’s stuff very much:

    You might not believe it, but you are not alone, many people visit this blog–there is a very good chance they will read what you have said. I hope–since I don’t know the statistics for your blog–that many people will also get a chance to see what you like to write about.

    You are doing plenty by just liking peoples music and discussing it with others. I love to tweet about the music I like, on a regular basis–I think that is my favorite way of letting other people get a chance to hear (and see) the stuff I love; and I hope they will too.

    With 7 billion people in the world there is always someone who likes the music, dances, and songs you might talk about 😉

    Social networks (also facebook, google +, blogs,, and others) are a good way to support artists.

    Love hearing from you, and finding out your opinion. If you’re playing music, and even buying or downloading their free stuff, it helps them also.

    I like to keep a lot of my music on pearltrees: and there are a number of serious collectors out there: for example.

    I hope I have convinced you that you are doing something (around 20.000 have visited this blog and probably many will read about your support, and love of new music). I also hope you continue to talk about these musicians with others if it’s possible–especially on the internet where you have a chance to share with so many people.

    Once again thank you; and I hope you continue enjoy discovering many, many more musicians and artists that you like.

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