Twitters influence


Twitters influence over things like search engines, and other online material is always something of interest.

A thing called “Topsy” that rates twitters performance on the internet will be discussed near the end of this article. In fact there are a number of useful tools that will be covered here and could prove very useful to you.

Useful tools for checking out tweets

Certainly this effect of twitter to influence people has been noticed by the search engines, and they have responded in their own way–even if not all countries can use their creations due to filters, different laws, political situation, states of emergencies (media blackout) and so on. Of particular interest here is Bing’s as it updates itself if you search for a topic.  While this might not seem useful as twitter does supply a search function, it seems that Bing can cover a larger time line then twitter for some reason.

Perhaps on the exotic side, but google allows you to create your own custom search engine:, here a CSE searches twitter:

Twinitor: is another useful way to search for twitter words of interest. It has displays the tweets in tiny cute boxes. Twitter does match this with an advanced search function:!/search-advanced.

One reference source probably most people learn to hate, but is well worth poking your “sticky beak” into is the internet marketers, as they actually do provide interesting information. Internet marketers are often good at communicating and this is one reference they seem to like using as it can examine a number of social networks including twitter, Facebook, Google +, and even YouTube:

This link (to an article) is also a very interesting way to view who your world-wide audience might be; and includes a map that indicates what regions of the world are in daylight or night-time conditions:

  • “A real-time, live, global map of tweets:” “and a world time zone link is included.”
A world of tweets map

A world of tweets

Twitter and Effect On Search Engines and Social Networks

Apparently twitter can be used for market research and promotion.

What many businesses are missing is the impact twitter has on search engine results. In fact when businesses conduct market research or promotions, the extra impact on search engine results are often seen as an unexpected side benefit, rather than as a core benefit.

Twitter, and other social networks are in fact a human element that can be incorporated into search engine results; that is search engines use humans to decide what is popular rather than just machine generated algorithms that base weighted calculations on such things as web-site visits, back links and search engine key-words for example.

If you want a technical discussion of how search engines find the stuff for you, then this link might prove useful: [accessed 2012; Heading at time of visit: “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine”].

Apparently an authority on a subject is simply someone who can break ground on new topics. Links (even if they are shortened) do play an important role in this and can even become viral. The person who tweets does not need to even own the links destination; it’s being on top of the link pyramid that counts.

Again SEO seems to be about engagement and sharing, words that come out in other articles about the internet businesses and the professional lives in today internet based society–which is being increased as mobile telephones are sold around the globe that are able to access the internet.

This video from TED, talks about a lot of things, but one thing sticks out to me: 3 billion people come on-line that we have never heard from before :

Shortened link to video: 3 billion people come on-line that we have never heard from before :

Topsy to check out the impact you are having on the web and social networks


People don’t just want to send a messages out to the world, they are increasingly wanting to know how that information has an effect on others. Certainly this blog (WordPress) has a lots of stats to give indications of how each article is going.

However there are other tools out their that check out, and give you feedback on how you’re doing on the social networks. Topsy is such a tool; it can be used to check out how your tweets affect the internet community.

The reason you want to use something like Topsy is for independence (from the supplier of the service–such as twitter) and performance.

Topsy allows you to have a fresh, and perhaps relevant look at how your social networking tools (in this case twitter) is affecting the worlds people and particular communities.

It has been said that only seven people separate you from every person on earth; what you tweet or say on a social network has the potential to be noticed by a huge number of people.

To check out if you do have any influence, try this website called “Topsy:”

Good luck with becoming a major influence on the social networks.

Shortened link to this article: Twitters influence on a global scale:


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