|_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) Dances for 2012 ❤❤❤

|_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) Miku ❤❤❤ Vocaloid In Love [dance]:

Shortened link to video: |_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) Miku ❤❤❤ Vocaloid In Love [dance]: http://youtu.be/qSzHfLgYp1Y

|_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) Hakumai – Doremi file Rondo [dance]:

Love this particular video as it appears like some sort of up-beat marching tune to those who don’t speak Japanese. However the English version is very difficult to listen too because it is aimed at a very young audience. So the author could very well imagine some older fans of dancing that speak Japanese my find the song reduces the entertainment value of the dance.

The translation done in this recently updated video (the previous one’s account was lost) is quiet good to read while the music and dance is going on.

Shortened link to video: |_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) ❂ [Miku Hatsune & 40mP] Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo (ドレミファロンド) [English Subtitles] [dance]: http://youtu.be/Ig1AZ79osTQ

|_O)/♫ (◕ω◕) ❂ PONPONPON DANCE COVER [dance]:

This video is an extremely fun dance to watch. The official video of PonPonPon is not seemingly as fun to watch. The two dancers vary the dance style and it seems to make the whole thing a lot more fun to watch.

This video was updated to a new video, because there was quite a few good ones out there, and one of them ended up being here because of that.

Shortened link to video: |_O)/♫  (◕ω◕) ❂ PONPONPON DANCE COVER [dance]: http://youtu.be/DzDO51OvfKI

Shortened link to article: |_O)/♫: (◕ω◕) Dances for 2012 [dances]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-15b

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