Do As Infinity / Week!

I don’t normally post YouTube videos that are not able to be played in a document. I made an exception here because I think it’s useful to know what influences a Guitarist like つかさ @Tsukasa_lilt of Lilt (リルト) might have.

Picture of つかさ(Tsukasa)

つかさ(Tsukasa) of the band Lilt (リルト)

The song is of course very cool and the author likes it too.

This an article from here on the band called Lilt (リルト) :

Do As Infinity / Week! [song/music]:

Do As Infinity / Week!  picture

Do As Infinity / Week! song & music. Click picture to start YouTube video.

Here is some information about the song taken from the comment section of the video:


English translation of Japanese text–only approximate:

The theme is: “I want to support women who have luck”. The studio scene is played on air so that everyone has a stake in the end result, and have always taken care in the recording of Mr. Kameda, Mr. Kawamura, and Mr. Iida. I wanted to convey the atmosphere of the recording as usual. Even during this work, supporters of “work along the most beautiful recording chan: first place,” Call of Takashi.

The author does apologize if this translation is not as good as it should be.

Shortened link to video: Do As Infinity / Week! [song/music]: via つかさ @Tsukasa_lilt of Lilt (リルト)

Shortened link to article: Do As Infinity / Week! [song/music]: via つかさ @Tsukasa_lilt of Lilt (リルト)


Tweet from @Tsukasa_lilt about “Do As Infinity / Week!” : [accessed 12 April 2012]

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