The Architecture Of The Brain, #AI & The Plaid Rap

The Architecture Of The Brain, #AI & The Plaid Rap [song/music]

The Brain and Clark Kent’s Shirt

The architecture of the brain has always been thought to be quite complex, that it was a tangle of biological wires–possibly even a fractal pattern–whose structure bubbles out thoughts. Well scientists have now found out that the brain is set out in a rigid communications grid pattern.

Plaid picture

Architecture of brain is Plaid

The brain’s structure is based on those tacky, but soon to be very cool “plaid” pattern shirts everyone wears at some stage in their life (interestingly enough plaid shirts are suppose to be an engineer’s uniform–but that may be a joke based on the realities of the profession and getting a job in that field).

To celebrate this discovery the author has provided this song called the plaid rap.

The Plaid Rap

Shortened link to video: ❖ The Plaid Rap [song/music]: (Discovery: the brain’s structure is plaid) #AI #programmer

Celebrates: Discovery: the brain’s structure is plaid #AI #programmer [article]:

Shortened link to article: The Plaid Rap song & Celebration of the discovery that the brain’s structure is plaid #AI #programmer [article]:


  1. Scientists have proven that, up close, your brain is plaid [accessed 2012]:
  2. Discovered article via :, to thanks for that.

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