The Band Called Lilt (リルト)

The band called Lilt (リルト) appears to be a new band–but I have read that they did exist at an earlier time, but took a break from the industry. They will face a interesting time on the international scene as it would appear that their name is the same as a drink made by some major companies. It would be good if they could keep the Japanese characters in their name if they become popular elsewhere. My guess is that if they can not keep their name, it will cause a confusion and division in their fan base–since they will probably have to alter their name for overseas music markets.

When the band has been around for a little longer, it might be possible to post a video of one of their songs and not have it taken down–until then fans, you will just have to buy their stuff 😀

Freedom explosion by Lilt (リルト) [short 35 sec song/music sample]:

I suppose there could be many bands that face band-name problems when they travel overseas. I suppose naming a band is something that requires a lot of thought if it’s intended to become really famous all over the world.

Picture of the band called LILT (リルト)

The band called LILT (リルト)

Here is the Lilt (リルト) website:

Vocal: 空-kou- (Kou),

Kou is a non-smoker, so there’s a good chance we will get to enjoy his style of singing for some time. I don’t know how your band, or advertisers feel about that, but you get my respect–some countries have banned smoking because of its health effects.

Guitar: レイ (Rey)

Guitar: 由羽 (Yuuha)

Bass: つかさ(Tsukasa)

Drums: ルビア (Luvia)

It will be interesting to get some more facts about the members of this band. However some people like their privacy; so that’s okay also.

Please join twitter, follow them, RT, and tweet things of interest about this this band 😀

You can also find this band on MySpace: and you can find the link to this on the Lilt (リルト) website:

I don’t use the MySpace player as it does not play music when you press play, but instead requires extra downloads. However MySpace is still popular with many bands and artists. Another popular one is iTunes, and in Japan: Amazon; but so far I can’t find anything for Lilt (リルト) on these well known sellers. Hope to update this article soon on how to buy their stuff 🙂

Lilt is also a drink. It’s not available in all countries, but lets hope this thing will not stop this band from becoming a world wide name in the music industry 😉

This is the drink called Lilt that the big companies make:,

Sample Lilt supplier:

Shortened link 1 to article: The Band Called Lilt (リルト):

Shortened link 2 to article: follow @kou_lilt, @gorillapapa1225, @Tsukasa_lilt, @lilt_yuuha & The Band Called Lilt (リルト):

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