Dances with nice backgrounds


The original dances here were from Mirrored Dances HD. This person seems to curate very good videos from various dancers.

Another group makes dances and song using MMD, this is called DIY MMD Concert 39.

No details about DIY MMD Concert 39 or Mirrored Dances HD are going to be supplied because they are interesting references, and it would be hoped that they will not be removed. However in reality high quality work should be able to be shown without worry about it being taken down for an unknown period of time. It’s quite clear that it’s possible to do covers of music and thus it should be possible to to a cover of a dance without getting hassled by having a video taken down–unfortunately under the current system even legitimate artists often find themselves the victims of this system that hunts down wrong-doers.

This article has been changed in a major way as it appears the dancing field is suffering harassment by (rightfully or wrongfully) having their videos blocked. If there videos have been blocked for the wrong reasons then they are also wrongly removed from sites like mine and might suffer further problems by loosing visitor traffic. This scenario has occurred to artists Gharr personally knows and its often leaves the artists angry and not willing to talk about it–a very bad experience for the artists and their creativity it one might assume by such a reaction.

In this case the artists who were dancers probably spent a bit of money setting up or renting a studio background. Setting up may include scouting an area for the right lighting and being there when the light is just right–natural lighting video production.

The Videos

Romeo & Cinderella Dance

Shortened link to video: ☆ Miku Hatsune ❤❤❤ — Romeo & Cinderella ~ [Live Concert] [song/music]: #Vocaloid (◕ω◕)

Japanese Breakdance

Shortened link to video: ★ テクノブレイク を踊ってみた 【R_A_B _ あきら様 _ 江戸川UB】Japanese Breakdance [dance]:




Collaboration Notes For Author
  • Check out tsuki yomineko hime two two four

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