Settlers 7 Game Review

Settlers 7 Game Review

Real in game scenery

This game has received criticism for it’s complex looking nature and rules.

Those critics do have a point if this game were just purely a game; but it’s not that. This game is visually interesting and relaxing simply to watch. Certainly the campaign does resemble an edge of the seat game style, but that’s not why the author has favored this game.

Shortened link to this video: Settlers 7 – this video tutorial shows some of the scenery at close range zoom : #computer #game

In the following video there is talk about something called an economy. If you play the game you will find out that what is actually going on is that you get raw materials like food, iron, gold, coal, and wood. These materials are processed, and refined. Once the raw material are in the correct form then they can be used to manufacture things (wood for example must be cut into logs, and then cut again into planks for example, before it’s to be used to manufacture a building).

It’s also quite fun to puzzle out how to get all the resources collected and then to move them along the production lines to end up as finished products. For example to manufacture tools you need wood and iron.

You might mistakenly think that the above video contains no game content. Quite a bit of this video is in-game play shots. Yes you can actually zoom in close and see similar views while you play the game.

Shortened link to video: Settlers 7 is visually stunning, this video contains some in game footage : #computer #game

Settler 7 Is Visually Stunning

The game is visually stunning because you can zoom into see individual leaves on a tree, to the actions of a character as they gather and make a product often using some strange machinery.  If for nothing else, this game is worth purchasing for the simple joy of watching at close range how this strange little world–that resembles ours in many ways–operates.

Shortened link to this video: Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom: you can see the leaves on trees & even watch forests of trees grow after being planted:

This game does have combat, but a lot of the game is also about getting your city to collect materials, process them, and eventually use machines and tools to make various items. Nearby storage-sheds also can play a large part in the game as they can store any required food and materials for production and then act as a delivery point for the finished products.

This game represents a long lost world where automation was only possible if human beings manned a machine. Your can-opener might be a remnant of those ancient huge machines.

Because of this, the game can have some really visually stunning scenery and very cute video animations on how goods are processed by a character into the end products. These end products can then be used by other characters or for the purpose of building stuff–like buildings and castle walls.

Examples of visually fun things are watching trees being planted and then growing to full size. Of course a wood cutter will come along and chop it down for logs. Later a saw mill operator gets the logs to make them into planks that are in turn used by builders to make buildings.

Not only this, but the citizens in Settlers 7 do talk and tell you about their concerns and worries.

Real in-game scenery

To simply enjoy the scenery and how products are made, the author did the following:

  1. Selected skirmish
  2. Chose map
  3. Chose an opponent and change the following
    1. Made the difficulty level: easy
    2. Ticked the box: peaceful–so that opponent would not try and attack.
  4. Started the game

Once the above options for the game were set, there were no time pressures or worrying that all the stuff you have done might be destroyed by invaders. The author wrote a lot of this article using the game as a sort of very relaxing moving-wallpaper in the background. In particular the trees growing in the background was a favorite–even the leaves moved around because of the wind.

Other interesting visual atmospheric affects was the times when storms and rain occurred–the landscape also became darker as clouds blocked the sunlight.

—End Of Article—

Shortened link to article: Settlers 7 Game Review: good game and stunning scenery that’s simply enjoyable to look at [article]:


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2 Responses to Settlers 7 Game Review

  1. Many thanks for the overview, I have hheard similar things in regards to
    the game aand shall be testing it for myselff during the next week!

    • gharrhome says:

      Thanks. This is indeed an amazing game to just look at; there is something about the details included in this game that one can simply not help but like, and to have good memories about.

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