The Stars: Dancers, Producers, & Vocaloid Virtuosos Avoiding The Limelight

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Stars Who Avoid The Limelight

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☆ After this story, perhaps you too will remember what it was like to be young and agree with me…

☆Not all stars behave–even though we like to think they do

If a star is avoiding the limelight, changing singing names, using different video accounts, and avoiding old friends it may be easy to come to the conclusion that they are being harassed. Unfortunately life is never so clear. Stars do have problems and yes they do react in a way we or the media sees a inappropriate.

So sometimes the stars are keeping a low profile after they did something bad; at least according to median and/or us.

☆ Lady GaGa : Behind The Fame [Interview] Part 1

Shortened link to video: ☆ Lady GaGa : Behind The Fame [Interview] Part 1:

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☆ Here… in this blog things are promoted, and the articles are not meant to hurt the people that are promoted.

《歌ってみた》● 【Fuantei】「Ambitious ~Love’s Victory~ 」[song/music]

☆ Ever done public speaking or jumped in front of 1000 fans screaming loudly “WH-Oy!” at U? Might B scary [song/music]:

☆ Are these artists the equivalent to a superman or superwoman; and scared of nothing?

Celebrity Movie News: Michael Douglas Interview 2011: “Stars R just people, & want privacy, have issues & do make mistakes.” (1)

First of all, this article is not a paparazzi, gossip style article. This article is not intended to hurt the artists that I work so hard to promote:, (sample tweets).

The author respects an artists desire for privacy as much as possible–so if they want to be a secretive dancer, musician or vocaloid producer, then that’s fine.

☆ We all miss our stars when they leave public life: “JPOP Princess Utada Hikaru announces break from music 2010:”

☆ Well, okay… I miss Miku even though she is in public life all the time… hmmm… Miku… ♥♥♥

The Mystery Guitarman

Shortened link to video: ☆ Excuse me Mystery guitar man, U aren’t worried by the law, when U make your videos R U? #PIPA #STOP_IT

☆ Errrrr, Mystery Guitar Man, are you still there? Hello… Hello! Oh well…

☆ Would you as a fan, find it intimidating if YouTube blocked your videos with copyright notices even when you have done no wrong?

☆ Seen people who I promote fight copyright notices & win, but it really hurts their feelings–they don’t like talking about it.

☆ 4 people who have few resources, money, or may even be young: copyright notices banning their videos must B even more frightening.

Why do child stars have problems

Shortened link to video: ☆ Facts R, 4 Stars, this is just a job, fans R not in control of a stars life :

People do crazy things under pressure

Shortened link to video: ☆ People do crazy things under pressure, dancers delete performances, accounts, & change identity 4 no logical reason:

Growing up

Shortened link to video: ☆ Part of growing up is dealing with peer pressure 2 conform, especially in the arts and creative endeavours :

Miku Dark

Shortened link to video: ☆ even people we R fans of, may suffer traumatic events that change their lives significantly – Miku Dark [song/music]:

☆ The young and teenage years were the best of our lives… or were they?

The Disguises – Teenage Years

Shortened link to video: ☆ The Disguises – Teenage Years [song/music]:

☆ Okay… the guys found younger life and the teenage years stressful, but the girls had it real good… didn’t they?

☆ While Sister Amena and Sister Jonnie are religious, I think their teenage years might ring true for teenagers:

The video is no longer available, but I think they were two Muslim women, one married and possibly raising kids if memory serves. They discussed the trials of being young, a common experience we all have, and produced a very good video about it. They dealt with the high school days in their own ways.

The Wonder Years – My Last Semester Cover

Shortened link to video: The Wonder Years – My Last Semester Cover [song/music]:

☆ Perhaps these R the reasons stars R so secretive & value their privacy–one day, stars who have sought out privacy, might even tell us the reasons they left us wondering 😉

End Notes

(1) The video that the words were taken from was made private.

—End of Article—

Shortened link to this article: The Stars: Dancers, Producers, and Vocaloid Virtuosos Avoiding The Limelight [article]:


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