Unwritten – Undefined

Unwritten – Undefined

There are a number of singers whose voice expands in range during their career in singing: http://www.your-personal-singing-guide.com/vocal-range.html or have remained at a high-pitched level (e.g. Soprano). A persons voice is like an instrument, and just like an instrument, the voice has the power to make a very loud-sounding noise when used at a high pitch—at least that is what our ears think. In truth the voice is not louder, but our ears think it sounds louder. This is why wind instruments like trumpets and flutes can sound so loud.

I love physics, and this is a scientific fact also: High pitched noise sounds louder than they really are to our ears: http://www.ndt-ed.org/EducationResources/HighSchool/Sound/components.htm.

Shortened link: High pitched noise sounds louder than they really are to our ears: http://bit.ly/dJRttV

In the following songs, the girls either make use of technical experts, natural surroundings, or some technical equipment that makes them sound totally professional. It’s not their voices that stand in the way of them sounding awesome; it’s the equipment, surroundings, and possibly technical knowledge that ends up letting these wonderful singers down. These singers should have a chance to show their true potential on places like YouTube on every single song they do!

A band member once stepped on stage and said: “you will have to excuse me, but my trumpet only plays at one level–LOUD.” If this person had been some distance from the crowd (or on a stage), then the sound equipment could have made up for any differences in the various instruments’ loudness so the music would have ended up sounding good to the audience.

If these people have to record a multi-track recording that separates the voice and various instruments, then they should do it because it’s quite clear that the people here have amazing talent.

Getting rid of the lag between your voice and the video image that is singing

This is a video that is used in another section. It’s repeated here because it totally explains lag between the singer on the video and the song.

I don’t expect people to own GarageBand AutoTune; the purpose of this video is to just make sure you understand a handful of words that this person says on the video:

Record your voice and music naturally if you are filming yourself while playing or singing. If you use a multi-track recording to separate each instrument and your voice(s), then record each track naturally before modifying them. Feel free to act or lip sync to the music after the recoding is finished–if you prefer that.

If you use the computer to modify your voice or instruments (i.e. reverb for example), then this will introduce a lag in sound that will follow behind the image and this does not look cool. So modify your multi-track voice, and various instruments after you finish your video shoot, not during the shoot. Why two paragraphs on this? Because it’s very easy to miss those words on the video that is shown below.

GarageBand AutoTune – How To Sound Like T Pain Kanye West [tutorial]:

Shortened link to video: ☆ GarageBand AutoTune – How To Sound Like T Pain Kanye West [a tutorial]: https://youtu.be/gNLb6BJMr6Q

also getting rid of that lag in sound

► To get rid of lag using GarageBand AutoTune record first then add effects later.

► GarageBand AutoTune: try & keep your own personality in your voice, otherwise U will sound like everyone else–unless that’s what U want.

Also if your into doing videos these article could be of use:

Some people split their videos into tiny windows that are then combined onto the screen as a single video. If you are doing a multi-track recording, then this can often look quite good. Some examples follow:

Individual screens, shrunk and combined together into one video:

Camera (Editors cover) [song/music]:

Shortened link to video: Camera (Editors cover) [song/music]: http://bit.ly/mQlR5e, http://bit.ly/gWYD1Z, http://pear.ly/QbKn, @Antwaanmusic.

Camera [song/music]: http://bit.ly/mQlR5e (using several recorded smaller/shrunken video screens together to make a single video)

Person in more then one place using Chroma key screen backgrounds (green screen).

If your familiar with physics, possibly art, or photography, then the green screen (blue screens are used too) is colored in such a way that it only emits light on a very narrow bandwidth (the ideal being a single wavelength, but that might be very hard to achieve in practice). The computer can then remove this color and make it transparent,  leaving the image that has other colors still there to be pasted over some background.

Most of the stuff you have at home emits a wide range of colors and may have imperfections, ripple, or fold (to form shadows) and so is not suitable as a Chroma key screen background. Opaque Fabric or plastic that is tightly stretched may be able to from a Chroma key screen background.

One Man Band

Shortened link to this video: ♬ One Man Band : http://youtu.be/-Lnw6NhY6j0 (Green Screen or Chroma key screen background method to make background transparent)

If you want some more information about chroma key (green screen and blue screen) then check out these articles:

These are some singers that I think have a naturally high pitched singing voice

► @stefdaugilis  sings Unwritten cover [song/music]:

Shortened link to this video: ► @stefdaugilis  sings Unwritten Cover [song/music]: http://youtu.be/0sAKryMFFFs, http://pear.ly/5_sT

Improve your guitar skills: perhaps it’s time to get new guitar strings–with a larger gauge:

Improve your guitar skills: perhaps it’s time to get new guitar strings–with a larger gauge: http://bit.ly/tzkX8k

Multi-Track Recording with a PC Mic and Free Software

♬ Multi-Track Recording with a PC Mic and Free Software : http://youtu.be/OigIc1RrUTY

► @KellyLaunder Us Against the World (original) [song/music]:

Shortened link to this video: ► @KellyLaunder – Us Against the World (original) [song/music]: http://youtu.be/O1AJ1Fe1nVQ, http://pear.ly/Reqb [love this song]

This is your song – Growing up!!  [song/music]:

This is your song – Growing up!! [song/music]: http://youtu.be/0cjgZN_VYe4


1) Audacity for sound recoding: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

2) GarageBand to make your songs sound really good: http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/ (Apple)

3) AutoTune, because you should sound like a professional sound mixed gig: http://www.antarestech.com/products/auto-tune-evo.shtml

5) Guitar: Finding the Right Tone for You : http://guitar.about.com/cs/guitaristsgear/a/find_right_tone.htm

6) Guitar: Simple list of various materials and gauges of strings: http://www.guitartips.addr.com/tip130.html

7) Guitar String Gauges: http://www.guitarstringguide.com/drupal/content/guitar-string-gauges-0

8) GUITAR and STRING TIPS (INCLUDES CARE): http://www.newstrings.co.uk/guitar_string_tips.html


Last edited in Mar 2013

Shortened Link to this Article: Unwritten – Undefined (various songs @KellyLaunder, @stefdaugilis & others):  http://bit.ly/ujSsPS

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