Afghan Music Modern Style

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Afghanistan Natural Gas Reserves [Business, News]:

Shortened link to video: Afghanistan seeks bids for energy ventures:

Afghanistan can get energy in a variety of ways [pdf article]:

Presenting the Afghanistan Energy Sector [pdf article slide-show]:

To solve Afghanistan’s Energy Requirements: social and economic problems must be addressed [website-article]:

Songs and Music

The songs contained here are not meant to be of any disrespect to the singing artist or musicians. From the authors point of view, audiences like to be entertained and Afghanistan has music that will be of interest to the entire world. The author does note that there is strong feelings about where singers come from, how they sing their songs, and divisions in traditional versus modern songs. Also there are very good traditional songs that I think help shape the image of Afghan music to international audiences; such songs are contained in another section as they form a significant and enjoyable part of the Afghan music scene.

It is hoped that the rest of the world will get a chance to listen to many music styles that exist in Afghanistan, and enjoy the music as much as the author does (and it should not need to be mentioned that enjoyment expands to historic and traditional music as well).

Finally, it greatly appreciated that Afghanistan is taking music seriously and videos of music are being banned if they are not the official sources. It is obvious this industry is seriously interested in making profits from this industry.

Sear Azizi-Pari Dilbari New Song 2011 [Afghan Music] HD

Shortened Link to this video: Sear Azizi-Pari Dilbari [Afghan Song/Music]:

Farhad Darya Walls ‘Dewalona’ [song/music]

Shortened link to video: Farhad Darya Walls ‘Dewalona’ [Afghan song/music]:

Farhad Darya – Zhwand Khkolai Dai “Life is Beautiful” [song/music]

Shortened link to this video: Farhad Darya – Zhwand Khkolai Dai “Life is Beautiful” [Afghan song/music]:

Aryana Sayeed – Dilam Tang Ast  [Afghan song/music]:

Shortened link to video: Aryana Sayeed – Dilam Tang Ast [Afghan song/music]:

Taher Shabab & Ustad Arman – Halakam (HD) 2011

Shortened link to video: Taher Shabab & Ustad Arman – Halakam [Afghan song/music]:

Also see more traditional Afghan music styles here:

Shortened link to this article: Afghan Music Modern Styles:

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2 Responses to Afghan Music Modern Style

  1. abdul qadir noorzi says:

    dear i need all songs of nashenas. espicially the song” zma bakhta tora bakhta zmana di swa dushmana. thank you.

  2. gharrhome says:

    Nashenas music and songs are more traditional sounding. I have placed his music here: Thank you for your suggestion. Because Afghanistan is strongly protecting its music, I tried to find music that will not be blocked. I hope this is an indication that the music industry in Afghanistan will play a big part in Afghanistan’s economic future. Possibly the music and songs will promote the name of Afghanistan all over the world and this may bring additional benefits.

    Thank you abdul qadir noorzi for letting me notice this skilled musician

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