Meilin Gray (梅琳) Selected Songs

Meilin (梅琳) studied performing arts: broadway theater, vocals, classical piano, jazz flute, ballet, tap and jazz dance to develop a her own style of singing, dancing and presentation.

Meilin travelled frequently between the US and China, embracing the cultural influences, music and traditions of both. This has allowed her to develop a world cultural view and perspective that flows on into her music. From watching her videos this has also influenced her view of fashion and art. Meilin has performed in front of large audiences and also on television and as a voice (singer) in the movies.

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Selected songs from Meilin Gray:

If You Knew [song/music]:

Shortened link to video: ♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “If You Knew” [song/music]:

Tastes Like Sugar [song/music]:

Shortened link to video: ♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Tastes Like Sugar” [song/music]:

These songs do not currently have a video.

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “If You Knew” (English Version – Remastered 2011) [song/music]:

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Thought I’d Lost You” (English Version – Remastered 2011) [song/music]:

Chinese songs by Meilin Gray:

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Why” (Chinese Version – Remastered 2011) [song/music]:

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Changes” (Chinese Version – Remastered 2011)” [song/music]:

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Confession (Chinese Version – Remastered 2011)” [song/music]:

♬ @xmeilinx (梅琳) sings “Thought I’d Lost You (Chinese Version) 我以為我已經失去了你。” [song/music]:

If you want to buy Meilin Gray’s songs:

梅琳是這樣一個可愛的歌手。 我希望你是幸運的。我希望你能聽到她的歌。

Meilin is a lovely singer. I hope you are lucky. I hope you can hear her songs.

Shortened link to this article: ♬ @xmeilinx, Meilin Gray (梅琳) Selected Songs [article]:

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