The Venus Project & What You Can Do

The Venus Project

The Venus Project

Social media has become a strong part of The Venus Project. The reason for that is at this stage The Venus Project is focused on telling all 7 billion people on this earth about a Resource Based Economy. The Venus Project is also interested in working towards the first Resource Based Economy Test City.

The Venus Project is in the process producing a major motion picture as an effort in reaching out to as many of the 7 billion people on this earth. What stage this commercial venture is up to is difficult to speculate, as it in the hands of private industry interested in profits. If enough profits is made from the movie it may assist in making the first Test City. Wish more information could be offered, but the project is currently in the process of attracting major investors, and it may also be in various stages of production right now for all Gharr knows. The Venus Project is still accepting donations:

A lot of people come to The Venus Project and feel that they must share information though words only; this is not true, ideas can be shared through words or actions. That is if you are doing things, or working on projects, those activities might catch peoples interests, and that is a good time to share information about The Venus Project—especially if The Venus Project inspired you to go out and do something for your community or the world’s people.

Check out:



The Venus Project is always evolving and changing, and there is a chance that the relevant links here will change. There was a time when volunteers organized into several distinct groups, but that time seems to be gone (for the moment). If you are a supporter of The Venus Project, or a Resource Based Economy, why not keep your own up to date online notes.

Gharr works on many projects, and over a thousand articles, along with a hard core promotion of music, and The Venus Project online, keeps Gharr very busy, and editing is not always possible.

Gharr invites you to start your own project, it’s a leaderless global community, and you are a master of what you choose to do, and study—as would be the case in a Resource Based Economy.

People often ask: “Is Gharr here to teach people?” The answer is no, as you are your own master, you get to choose what you want to learn, and study.  Gharr simply offers information, it is up to you if you choose to take an interest in it.

There are 7 billion people out there looking for answers, and for as long as Gharr can, information will be provided for those people to find, should they be interested.



Last edited in Mar 2017

Shortened link to article: The Venus Project, and what you can do… [article]:

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4 Responses to The Venus Project & What You Can Do

  1. sheenabratt says:

    Thankyou so much for this fantastic article! 🙂 xx

  2. gharrhome says:

    Thank you for your support. It came to my attention that not only had The Venus Project changed its website, but the change in the website has also has changed the way people interact with The Venus Project on a worldwide level. This article came into existence for several reasons; but it’s common now days to have people review things and to help others navigate the World Wide Web.
    It seemed natural to write about The Venus Project and do a walk-through of The Venus Project website: “on how to take action and do something good for our world.”

    Of course if you don’t know what The Venus Project is, then you can go to this website and learn more:

    People like to read about The Venus Project from other sources because the World Wide Web is a sort of community where we look to others for information and help. Fortunately there are many in the world’s population who also want to help you or provide information for you.

    This topic—of helping someone join The Venus Project—is so important that it’s quite possible The Venus Project will eventually provide the equivalent of this article in a video perhaps.

    To those people that do want to join The Venus Project, the author wishes you the best of luck. If you have any problems, then you can leave a comment here or better still get help from one of the worldwide teams from The Venus Project that might exist near you:

    * (this link no longer works as The Venus Project Website was changed in 2013)

    If you are particularly motivated, you might even start a team in your local area—because that’s also one of the ways you can help The Venus Project.

    The Venus Project also simply loves it, if you spend a little time learning about what it’s all about and how it intends solving many of the world’s problems like: “war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering—The Venus Project views these problems as not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.”

  3. My Prezi Presentation. If you haven’t heard of, you should def check it out. It is the youtube of slideshows… I hope I can’t work on future events together…

  4. gharrhome says:

    That’s a very good slide-show about a resource based economy. is a very interesting tool enabling us to make slide shows with impact. Here I promote people. With skills like yours, I suspect there will be lots of people hoping to get a chance to work with you or anyone else that is skilled in using software like —BTW that slide show totally rocks.

    Both the Zeitgeist Movement: and The Venus Project: (from what I understand they are separate entities now days) would probably love to have skilled media people that can present complex data as done here and should welcome such people as a members and that means a real lot of people would like to work with anyone like that.

    I really liked your slide show, thanks for leaving a comment here.

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