Preservative Woman, @HikiMadwoman — writer and poet

I come across @HaikiMadwoman as she celebrates her second anniversary on twitter.

This is the place that the poems & writing can be found: Preservative Woman.

“until she remembered you

then her eyes

looking off to the side

her voice would slip

out sideways”

Also check out my article on “The meaning of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, & Poetry:”

(Eng. Lyrics) Aural Vampire – Preservative Woman song and music is not available. The Youtube account associated with it no longer exists. This song was chosen by @HikiMadwoman; as she wanted others  around the world to become aware of the band. With the interest in vampires and zombies, it would have been good time to promote such a band.

This is the song I chose on this special anniversary day celebration for @HikiMadwoman:

desperado…. MILK [song/music]:

Shortened link to music: This is the song I chose for @HikiMadwoman ‘s second anniversary on twitter: desperado…. MILK [song/music]:

Girl’s Day (걸스데이) – Hug Me Once (한번만 안아줘) (DANCE COVER) [dance]:

Shortened link to this article: The video that most represents @HikiMadwoman ‘s love 4 her close friends, would B this one: Hug Me [song/music/dance]:

Japan: please note: Game of Life is actually a board game in some countries, so I hope your videos are not banned because of this!!!

【にゃんたろ】Game of Life ↑人生ゲーム↓ 踊ってみた【第八弾】[dance]:

This was chosen to represent the fun & joyous side of @HikiMadwoman 【にゃんたろ】Game of Life ↑人生ゲーム↓ 踊ってみた【第八弾】 [dance]:

The dancer looks totally exhausted after the dance though. I also have been reading the comments in this video and it does contain some adult type discussions that younger people might need parental guidance for. Since the video is posted here for entertainment, the many topics covered in the 11 lives will not be covered here.

The game of life dance was taken off air, and I was worried that @HikiMadwoman might be disappointed by the loss of this video. So… Presenting

【にゃんたろ】Rotten Heresy & Chocolate 腐れ外道とチョコレゐト【Project】 [dance]:

Shortened link to video: For @HikiMadwoman second anniversary on twitter:【にゃんたろ】Rotten Heresy & Chocolate 腐れ外道とチョコレゐト【Project】 [dance]:

Rozen maiden OP1 kinjiareta Asobi-ALI PROJECT[song/music]:

Rozen maiden OP1 kinjiareta Asobi-ALI PROJECT[song/music]: via @HikiMadwoman & @ten_ten_ten; also check out #haiku

~ @HikiMadwoman has several friends that also write poems (haiku) and you might want check out their tweets or websites if you get the chance.

For @HikiMadwoman ‘s second anniversary on twitter she gives a special call-out, gift, and thanks to the following people:

  • RT @HikiMadwoman says hello to @JDProuty, @CoyoteSings, @ten_ten_ten, @lippy73, @wingpoem, @miridunn, @wordblender, @KrisLindbeck, @alismcg
  • RT @HikiMadwoman says hello to @naked_beauty, @TinaNguyen, @Foolness, @timcorriejr, @thosethr3words, @khakjaan, and many others.

Shortened link to this article: Preservative Woman, @HikiMadwoman — writer and poet:, #poems #haiku

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