Getting more views and traffic (via wordpress & other sources)

The previous post was the 150’th for this blog according to WordPress. I don’t count; and besides I create, combine, divide and delete articles; so it all gets a little confusing for me. Anyhow, WordPress sent this link as a celebration. Thinking of you, and the benefit it might bring to writers of articles and posts it was only logical to let the rest of you have a chance to read what was in this link also!

One thing that should be mentioned is that it is always good to have feedback about how your website is going. WordPress provides a lot of good statistics for you to use, however there are many other ways to get information. This is one example of how businesses might get information about customers:

Want To Promote Your Website? Then This Might Be The Place To Find Some Ideas:

Also (lol, because it so cliche) wordpress has this section on “getting famous.” Actually it really does have some good stuff that not even the author of this post thought of!

While the author here is currently not using this, you might be interested in spreading your message though other social network tools:

don’t become a wordpress paradigm

This blog has never tried to support one group over another. It would be wise to make a search on your own of possible alternative sources that will:

  • make you famous
  • publicize your work
  • promote your work
  • help share your work with others

This comment is very true because we all have different audiences that we want our articles and posts to go out to.  For example some of us write for our school pals and others are bands looking to spread the word about their music and gigs; these two groups might have very different ways to become famous and share their stuff with people.

How To Get More Views And Traffic From Other Articles:

  1. Fast loading of your blog is important. With WordPress that means that a single article rather then your WordPress website might be better to pass around on certain occasions.
  2. Link or suggest other articles in your WordPress (or blog). I do this without thinking because many of my articles relate to each other and so saves me time in having to re-write it all again.
  3. Also it’s a personal taste, but I like to make most of my articles smaller when on the internet. This means dividing large articles into small (almost) independent units. It’s natural to link such articles together and again this results in linking to other articles in your blog.
  4. Put your contact details in every WordPress (or Blog) post.
    1. At its simplest form this could be asking people to follow you on YouTube, google+, facebook or twitter. You could also request likes and so on.
    2. I don’t do this in on my blogs because that exists in one of my sidebars on WordPress, but it is a really cool suggestion and a principal I do actually use in other ways.
    3. I like to think of every contact you (post with a blog) make is similar to giving a person a business card–always give them ways to contact you or to find stuff of yours to read, listen to, or watch.
    4. If you are selling stuff then placement of your buy button or links to where you sell products and services needs to be carefully thought of.
    5. In some places like Japan people like to use those squares that you can scan–so make sure you can see something like that right up and don’t have to search for it.
  5. SEO–Search Engine Optimization: I have mixed feelings on this.
    1. SEO: I prefer people being able to do this for themselves, but it can be complex.
    2. SEO is about making your website rank high on the search engine results. Often you have to pay for this.
    3. SEO: All those stats wordpress has help you with understanding SEO, but you should realize there are people out there that have much more advanced stuff that can analyze the performance of websites all over the world as unbelievable as that sounds.
      1. Checking out your WordPress stats helps you see which or your articles are popular,
      2. how people find your articles,
      3. and what (popular) words they use to search for your articles to name a few.
    4. SEO: Often using the correct words in your article can lift its game and make it easier to be found.
    5. SEO: You can end up on the top of search engine results by simply being the first one there (but trackers will chip away at that quickly).
      1. If you have a popular post, then expect some negative critics–it’s just part of process of what happens when lots of people take notice of you (some of them may even see you as a competitor). See Metrics as to one reason why people might view you as a competitor.
      2. With WordPress you can filter comments, and not publish them if that is your desire.
      3. I like to post as many comments as possible–because I think it adds a bit of spice to an article.
  6. Social Metrics: possibly part of SEO. It treats you posts like a sort of competition where you can compare how your social media is doing when compared to other social media. In this case how your WordPress site or articles are doing when compared to other peoples WordPress site or articles.
    1. Metrics defined: in this case a more precise term might be performance metric as used by a business:
    2. Metrics can be used to help
      1. motivate you,
      2. focus on importance of things,
      3. find out what others are doing,
      4. make you notice your competition,
      5. make you notice your failings.
    3. Metrics can make you think in the wrong way. Sometimes you are better off not competing and just inventing your own articles. It possible that your competitors have more resources, tools, software, and information so trying to compete with them is futile.
    4. Measurements (that probably form a part of doing SEO) that you find is interesting might be considered as a performance metric. Probably all the statistics WordPress provides would come under this category.
  7. Getting widgets (pictures that include links for example) of all your social media and displaying it in one place. This is another version of what was mentioned previously: “Put your contact details in every WordPress (or Blog) post.”
  8. The article itself should look good. Spending that little bit of extra time making an article look good can leave a good impression on people and make them want to come back.
  9. The headline of your article could make or break it.
  10. While I have disobeyed it here in some ways, making your article shorter is sometimes better. Again this was mentioned previously: “Also it’s a personal taste, but I like to make most of my articles smaller when on the internet.”
    1. if critics don’t like your article for some reason, beware that correcting that can make your article considerably longer–and less popular. Sometimes it’s better to split your article up into smaller parts.
  11. Try not to delete or change the name of a post that is popular as people may have put links to that article and it will annoy them when it’s gone. You will also end up less popular because you did that on several levels. When you first create a post, you can often change names or delete a article–because it’s most likely that word about your work has not got out yet. If your a company or extremely popular: you may have to test the article some place else before you risk revealing it to your audience.
  12. If it’s at all possible, enjoy what you do. If it makes you happy, then it’s quite possible that you will continue to work on your blogs (WordPress in this case) and/or to promote them to others.
  13. Remember that as your article ages, it will get more competition (in most cases) if its popular. Sometimes it’s easier invent new stuff then try and keep your audience. Another possibility is to renew the article once others have lost interest in it–because the audience will often still be there and do want to read it.

In Conclusion

If nothing else, this article gives you some basic ideas on how the spread the word, and get something rewarding out of the things you write (draw, sing, dance or whatever) about.

The author has read and enjoyed the content of many blogs, websites, music and video sites. Some one out there in this world (or on a space station) could really like and appreciate what you do, if only you can find a way to get it to them. Good luck!


Just a note on plug in stuff: I prefer to use plug-ins given my the provider–WordPress in this case (which may include third party stuff). I call them widgets also.

Shortened link to this article: Getting more views and traffic (via wordpress & other sources):

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