Ancient voices, What about me? soul mate, & thunderbird by Shy-Anne Hovorka

Presenting an unusual mix of music that ranges for popular music to relaxing sound-scapes backed by orchestras. Shy-Anne Hovorka shows how versatile her music styles really can be.

Shy-Anne Hovorka – Soulmate (with lyrics)

Shy-Anne Hovorka has mentioned on her twitter account: @ShyAnneHovorka that she has just joined “The Karaoke Channel;”  Since I’m a big fan of letting people create their own music, the thought that she might be making a big effort to give her fans a chance to learn to sing her songs through The Karaoke Channel would make me very happy! Perhaps she will even make her song “Soulmate” into a Karaoke song.

♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Soulmate (with lyrics) [song/music]:

♬ @ShyAnneHovorka– What about me? (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – What about me? (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [song/music]:

♬ Shy-Anne Hovorka – Thunderbird

♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Thunderbird [song/music]:

♬ Shy-Anne Hovorka – Ancient Voices

♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Ancient Voices [song/music]:

Ancient Voices and Thunderbird were backed by the WS Orchestra at the Burton Cummings Theater.

Also check out these websites:

You can learn more about Shy-Anne Hovorka and check out some more of her music in this article: or here is the full link:

I hope you enjoy Shy-Anne Hovorka’s music as I do. Thank you for visiting my article and WordPress blog/website.

Shortened link: ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Soulmate (with lyrics) [song/music]:,

Shortened Link ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – “What about me?” [song/music]:,

Shortened link: ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Thunderbird [song/music, sound-scape]:,

Shortened link: ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Ancient Voices: [song/music, sound-scape]:,

Shortened link to this article: Ancient voices, What about me? soul mate, thunderbird by @ShyAnneHovorka [songs & Music]:,

Supporting Native American Music and Voting for Shy-Anne Hovorka and her songs

You can vote for @ShyAnneHovorka ‘s songs here: This voting is a regular event.

Shortened version of the above vote for a song: You can vote for @ShyAnneHovorka ‘s songs here: This voting is a regular event.

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