I’m in love with a “Superstar- Shy-Anne Hovorka”

In my case it means I’m in love with Miku; but ohhh, I wonder if it’s true…I wonder who it is…Please tell us the secret… O.O

♥ ♥ ♥

Shy-Anne Hovorka sings Superstar:

If you are a fan of this song (because you too are in love with a superstar) or you want to leave a message to Shy-Anne Hovorka (possibly telling her that you are her biggest fan, or to share with her exactly who is the superstar you are in love with) then here is a chance to do just that:

Click here to give Shy-Anne Hovorka your very own special message

Also check out the following links:

Also, Shy-Anne singing Pseudo (2010) “Want to make a change // Wont follow what they all expect // Wont go the way I will regret // Want to make a change — Yeah”:

Watch Shy-Anne change the script, making rules, making her own way…

Shortened link to this article: ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka – Superstar [song/music]:  http://bit.ly/iSIw8T, http://pear.ly/Ra-H

Shortened link to this article: Tell @ShyAnneHovorka which superstar, or Oshimen you’re in ♥ with: ♬ Superstar [song/music]: http://bit.ly/iSIw8T, http://pear.ly/Ra-H

Shortened link to video: Shy Anne Hovorka – Pseudo [song/music]: http://youtu.be/EM0nMSvDSuA

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