Alexander Zhdanov: Photographer and Author

Alexander Zhdanov

This is an old article, and some of the hyperlinks may be out of date.

2015 tweets

  • 📌 “Famous traveller (130 countries +); Celeb. photographer; Author: several books; Blogger; TV host.” ~ @alexzhdanov,
  • 📌 Александр Жданов (@alexzhdanov) is an author, so check out his books [website]:  (in Russian language) #photographer
  • 📌 Александр Жданов (@alexzhdanov)—How to start a career at the age of 14 // Как начать карьеру в 14 лет [interview]:

Main Article


Alexander Zhdanov, author of the book called Paparazzi.

Please note that I had to use translators for this bio, so it may have factual errors. Please check with Mr Zhdanov or his representatives if you need accuracy in the details here and in the rest of this article.


Professionally engaged in photography since 1998. Shooting music shows, parties, concerts and reportage Portrait photography – among my priorities, but I like other genres of photographic art, such as, for example, shooting a wedding or a landscape.

  • graduated from Leningrad State University Journalism School with honors
  • Involved in television at a early age and possibly interviewed high profile “people, artists, celebrities,” (on television I assume). This gave Mr Zhdanov experience he could later use in his university course and in his every day work.
  • Has worked as a personal photographer for Sergei Lazarev
  • Has worked at many of Eurovision events as a photographer.


From what I can get from the translator programs (these programs give me the impression of staring into a murky crystal ball–where I never get a real clear picture) Alexander Zhdanov is a well-known professional photographer. What is confusing I guess is that it appears he is using that same background for his books .

If I have managed to understood the translators garbled messages properly, then the two books are not totally based on fiction, rather they almost certainly have some very real elements of “the paparazzi life” and insights into the lives of the famous mixed in with the story.

Book Author: Mr Zhdanov has written two books at least, they are:

The author asserts that the events described in the footsteps of the real events, but there is fictional characters in it

  • Paparazzi
  • Paparazzi: a strange success

You can buy these books from this website:

You can also follow Mr Zhdanov on twitter:

From what I can gather (and this may not be totally correct) Mr Zhdanov’s books allow the reader insight not only into the paparazzi life, but also insights into show business, and the very lives of the stars themselves.

Photographs Alexander Zhdanov Supplies Along With His Tweets

Blue, British pop boyband.

Blue, British pop boyband. Also check out the photograph supplied by Alexander Zhdanov.

This is a sample of the things (pictures) that author, Mr Zhdanov, posts on twitter: — Blue at Eurovision 2011 with author Alexander Zhdanov.

Sweden^ breaking blass

Sweden^ breaking glass, check out the photo Alexander supplies in tweet below, it’s a really good photograph!

This photo of Sweden^ doing their famous trick of breaking glass is also quite good and dramatic: tweet and picture:


The author of this web page article does not necessarily support the references content or advertising. If anyone feels offended by these articles please leave a note and the web-master will remove them if appropriate (The author thinks that this article can still work without them). The offending matter would need to be explicit adverts of violence, sex, illegal drugs, discrimination, or hate based adverts & articles that are not part of the reference article, but rather material that surrounds it–different countries have different standards and I’m still trying to understand what is normal in the Russian media, advertising and their thinking on this issue.

The author would also like to say that Russia is part of the world community and will most likely be a critical part of a world wide future efforts in the commercial use of space, the moon, mars and other space industries (such as asteroid mining and colonization)[1][Roscosmos]. As a part of the world community the author wants to hear what going on in Russia and what their businesses have to say[2][new-music-Russia].

Right now Russia already plays a world wide role in energy, products, the resources sector, tourism, entertainment, alternative energy, and reduction of pollution. There are many things missing in the examples above; including the sports that Russia is involved in. When reading and looking at videos about world wide events and business, it’s nice to see what the Russian media has to say about it.

Thank you for taking an interest in Alexander Zhdanov, his book, and this article on him.

Tweet about this person: check out Alexander Zhdanov’s books: ,

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7 Responses to Alexander Zhdanov: Photographer and Author

  1. Evan says:

    Hello I accidentally unfollowed you on instagram and you seem to have blocked me please unblock so o can refollow my account is @soulskimmer

    • gharrhome says:

      I assume you are trying to contact Alexander Zhdanov:

      I would contact him on your behalf and see if he will change your status; However your twitter account @soulskimmer does not exist. I understand someone called soul skimmer is involved in photography and puts those photographs to music (the one I saw was of a surf picture with music).

      I noticed that you may have an account on Instagram, so I will mention that account to Alexander Zhdanov:

      This WordPress account is not linked to Alexander Zhdanov in any way, he is not involved with what is produced here (I do know him though through direct contact in the past and he seems to be a very friendly person).

      Should your account @soulskimmer no longer exist, I can only say I’m very sorry to have to bring you this bad news 😦

  2. Evan says:

    please follow me too

    • gharrhome says:

      I can not find your twitter account @soulskimmer, your twitter account does not exist. Sorry I can not help you with this.

      You may have an account on Instagram, so I have made mention of this to Alexander Zhdanov:

      This WordPress account is not linked to Alexander Zhdanov in any way, he is not involved with what is produced here.

  3. Evan says:

    I love you posts books

  4. Abby H says:

    I started following him on Instagram. Being from America I was very curious on exactly what he did. His pictures are lovely. He must travel alot, Im a little envious of the life he lives through instagram! 🙂

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