Richard Thomas

This is a must listen to, not to be missed interview with the well known Richard Thomas: Why, oh why… was this not filmed, it’s a classic already!!!

The interview is conducted by and I found her interview funny at times since some of the films that Mr Thomas was in scared her quite a bit–as I’m sure I would be too, but I avoid horror film for that very reason 🙂

You can listen to radio show here:

This is one of the things said by Olivia in the comments sections below:

“I adore Richard, and could have (and nearly did!) talk to him all day! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.”

This interview is not short, so pull out a chair, grab a tea, coffee or your favorite beverage and just relax as this not to be missed, wonderful, and relaxing interview shows us who Richard Thomas really is.

The characters Richard Thomas has played have–at some point–become a part of many of our lives.

This interview lets us reconnect with our past; and with some of the wonderful memories that Richard Thomas has given us as he played many onscreen characters–my favorite being John-Boy Walton.

I walked away from this interview smiling.

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3 Responses to The RICHARD THOMAS INTERVIEW aka “John-Boy Walton”

  1. Thank you SO much! I adore Richard, and could have (and nearly did!) talk to him all day! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely have him back again. What a great guy! I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. xo

    • gharrhome says:

      Thank you for your kind comments Olivia. I’m a total fan of this interview:;

      I can only thank you once again for an interview that is so good that it sould become a permanent part of our world’s history.

      Olivia Wilder and Richard Thomas seem so relaxed in this interview as they talk about Richard Thomas’ career and life. It’s hard not to like and more importantly enjoy this wonderful interview —that I feel is historic, it’s simply that good!

      I urge everyone who is a fan of Richard Thomas or just interested in finding out more about this actor to listen to an interview that I can only call outstanding.

      I would like to thank you once again Olivia Wilder for providing a wonderful blog-talk-radio show called the Olivia Wilder Times™

      Olivia Wilder Times™ Blog Talk Radio:
      is one of my favourite online-radio shows–Gharr

      My pearl tree for Olivia Wilder Times™ Blog Talk Radio:
      My pearl tree for The Richard Thomas Interview:

      To find our more about pearl trees:

      • Again, I am blown away, and completely humbled by your kind words.

        I try to only have guests on my show that I am a real fan of, so it’s not hard to be genuine and get completely caught up in a “conversation.” Richard is and was a favorite of mine, and out of nearly 400 interviews, will always be in the top for me. I’m only grateful that someone else enjoyed it half as much as I did doing it.

        If Richard will agree- and I think he might!- I will definitely invite this warm, and altogether lovely man back on my show.

        Thank you again, from my heart.

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