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Promoting people, and being an entertaining performer




Interests: (Being an Entertainer, Performer, Creator, Designer, Host, Speaker, Guide, Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant), Human Rights, Free Speech, Business, Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computers and Micro-Controller Design, Programming, Small Business Management, Marketing, Astronomy, Space Exploration, Science, Music, Music Production, Vocaloids, UTAU, CeVio, Video Production, Art, Poems, Books, RPG, Games, Products, Services, People, Actors, Dancers, Fashion, & Miku Hatsune ♥♥♥.

⭐ “I like to promote people by staying in the background and making you the star!”

⭐ “I like to being an entertainer, and performer (a creator, designer, host, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, and even a consultant), but sometimes that means just standing back, and letting the show go on, which is totally okay, it’s part of being a good host. Let the stars shine if they want to.”


Gharr was re-branded in 2017 (changed what I do)

The internet has changed a lot since Gharr was first created. That has resulted in some changes to what I do.

Describing the Meaning of a Business to Business Relationship

A brief word from the founder of Gharr.

What the founder of Gharr refers to as a business to business relationship is defined by the idea that Gharr (& Gharr_home) will be a non-profit organization that is only one of the many ventures The founder of Gharr intends to manage. Many of the other ventures will be profit driven businesses. The founder of Gharr feels that giving things to the world community makes him feel better, develops a sense of community, and good vibes with those who do volunteer work for Gharr, or receive some benefit from Gharr’s work.

For the rest of this document, I (the founder of Gharr) will let Gharr tell you how things work, thank you.

Greetings from Gharr

In this document I try to answer questions you might have.

This Business to Business Statement along with my branding statement is held in the pearl-trees:

I realize you may have no idea how twitter, blogs or websites work. While I do promote people, It will only be a minor part of getting the word out there about you.  On twitter having 1,000,000 followers means nothing if you don’t connect with them; as one person whose message got RT (re-tweeted) by a person who had over a million followers found out when he got no additional followers or RT’s from this amazing opportunity.

I don’t ask you to be my friend–I am just doing my own thing–but some of you do tweet me to feel out who I am before moving on to other things, and that is really cool. In reality to get the word out about your stuff, you probably want to make contact with around 1000 people like me, and the only way to do that is to automate your your social media with-out being annoying in a spam kind of way. If you get 1000 people like me to tweet your stuff that is 1000 X 2000 = 2,000,000 potential people who get to hear your stuff and that has got to be worth it. Please don’t expect much from the promotional efforts of just me, I really only have a very small impact, some of that is up to luck, and who I have made an effort to get to know, or impress!

Founder of Gharr statement

Exactly what Gharr is will be discussed later

Gharr caters to people who have little interests outside their family, friends, and associates. These are Gharr’s core customers.

This means you (as another business in most cases) are most likely not Gharr’s core interest despite the amount of attention Gharr might give you!

Another much larger bunch of groups receive less attention then a business to business relationship. These people and organizations are also promoted to a lesser degree—mostly through re-tweets. For about 200 of them, time is also taken to read their blogs & websites. Due to Re-Branding in 2017, a group whose music, and media are liked or quite active on on social media… will also get some focused Re-tweets, but that group is dynamic and changing.

Where do you fit into the aims of Gharr

Gharr has chosen you, your group or organization so that Gharr can:

  • Promote you
  • Spread the word about your information, products, works, services, messages, ideas or writings
  • Get more people to follow you
  • To get people or organizations notice you and who are significant to your future plans. They may be people or organizations:
    1. That want to work with you.
    2. Potential employers.
    3. Potential employees
    4. Potential people or groups that want to work with you
    5. That want to invest money or effort into you or your services and/or products—this includes your art and music if that is what you do.
    6. That wish to promote you or to put in a good word to people who might be interested in you.

In return Gharr gets the following things from you (hopefully)

  • Glitz &  glamor from being given the chance to promote you, spread your message, etc.
  • Stuff about you is attention grabbing, interesting, unusual, or entertaining enough to make people take notice of Gharr, and ultimately all the people who Gharr promotes, spreads a message for, etc.
  • When people are interested in Gharr, some of them follow what this person writes–which is often about you. It is hoped that some of these people (or most of them) will follow you since you are the source of that interest!

Re-branding 2017 Objective Statements: mostly aimed at followers of Gharr, and web-surfers.

  • Gharr will make every effort to be entertaining, a good performer (Host, Speaker, Guide, Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant), and to be a good host for any guests, or when interacting with others on the internet.
  • There are two sides to what Gharr does, and one might not be visible to you, because Gharr tries to respect privacy as much as possible, and to allow people to be whomever they want to be. Gharr often says the #Techo #Chans (young at heart) are my bosses, and that is true. Gharr works for the audience, to put a smile on their faces, to make a nurturing, and caring environment, and to allow people to be whomever they want to be on the internet.
  • Allowing people to be whomever they want to be on the internet, and to say whatever they want: The world we live in today wire taps all our communications, identifies us all, and ultimately we will have no rights to free speech, or to say whatever we want to, in a time of change when we really need to talk about things honestly, to talk about the future we all want, even if it makes those in power, business, or in politics uncomfortable.
  • Gharr will be working on a project to find such places that respect privacy and free speech. To find ways to make sure everyone has equal access to the internet (if net-neutrality is lost to the world community). Gharr will start working from such places of freedom. I hope to see you there.
  • Hope we can discuss good ideas, and solutions to the world’s problems; and to talk about what type of future we want for ourselves, and our children. And that might include the Transhuman culture, the virtual culture (possibly a place Transhumans go to also when they decide not to exist on the physical plane for a while, and a place where we might meet the first low cost true holographic robots) and the #AI children and creatures that evolve from our efforts.
  • To take notice of the language (including legal types) that might discriminate against future and currently developing cultures. Our language reflects our thoughts and values. We should not have hate incorportated into our langage for cultures that might exist in the future, that is just a bad way to start. Our empathy can easily encompass this world, and even this entire solar system, and possibly some nearby star systems at our current stage of technology.
  • Natural disasters, disease, and Human conflict situations are often encountered situations when we extend our communications to the world community. Gharr does not see it all, but tries to pause to take notice (but often news channels or others on twitter for example are covering the situation adequatly). Gharr may occasionally need to take time off, or spend a considerable time recovering from such events, as even if not directly at location, still can get a fully emotional response to the events, and that has a physical effect on Gharr also. Gharr knows real human beings exist behind the twitter accounts, and might just happen to care about you no matter where in the world you live.
  • In 2017 Jacque Fresco (a futurist, and “founder of Sociocyberneering, Inc., now known as the Venus Project”) left this world. Miss him.
  • 🌎 Question: Will Gharr ever ask you for help or money? Answer: No.
  • A lot of people around the globe that do great things for this world, have fallen on hard times, and are now asking for help. While it’s not Gharr’s desire to make you feel that you have to pay money or exchange something to read Gharr’s tweets or blog; it’s hard not to share the requests for help. Gharr however is a group, that has members all over the world, so it would be almost impossible for the entire group to need help at once, so in reality, Gharr should never ask for your help under any circumstances, as it does not make sense.
  • Now that governments store what we do on the internet (and on our mobile devices), it’s possible that new laws, or new leaders will use that information to persecute selected individuals, or groups of people. Gharr will certainly monitor this new threat that could apply to any person in this world.
  • Gharr is also aware that: “hacking software can ‘piggyback’ on the some tools used by internet advertisers ‘to pinpoint targets for government hacking and to bolster surveillance.’” ref: Gharr will try and provide details on how to minimize, or get rid of forced and unwanted advertising on shared music, dances, articles and so on.
  • Gharr will try and make people aware of the things that go on behind the scenes: “Most people in 2015 are probably unaware of the cookies and trackers that operate in the background (invisible to most people) while you browse the internet and go about your personal business.”
  • 🌎 “A lot of stuff you say on the internet can stay on the record for the rest of your life.”
  • Further details: ☆ Re-branding Gharr in 2017: Notes [article]: “These notes helped make part of the re-branding statement for Gharr in 2017.”
  • Further Details: ☆ Operational Details for the Re-Branding of Gharr in 2017 [article]:

Objective Statement

    • To learn from this voluntary business model and translate that learning to profitable business ideas
    • To benefit the community
    • To remain in operation for as long as possible and to do the majority of work at a no cost basis (but donations may become a feature in the future)
    • To catch the attention of a large group of people some of the time rather than all of the time. Rather then catching the large groups attention in one go, the large group will be divided down into segments based on interest and it is the attention of those segments that will be gained ( one at a time in a sequence of some sort)
    • To promote, serve, help a selected group (that is much smaller than the total number of followers on twitter for example). While the attention of this group of people is not required, it will help Gharr coordinate events and messages about them–for promotions and tours for example
    • To improve everything Gharr does
    • To gain a network of volunteers that work together and support the general aims of Gharr to promote, help, spread ideas, messages, services and products.
    • To make strategic partnerships with people who will advance the “industry’ that Gharr is involved in, or will be involved in.
    • A re-branding activity was carried out in 2017, that changed a number of operational details on how material is shared. This would have a large effect on the follower of Gharr on twitter for example. Privacy, free-speech, and being whoever you want to be suddenly seemed to be important in 2017 because of the level of monitoring that governments of the world chose to do to each and every person: such as the storage (often for years) of all communications on the internet.
    • Gharr will make every effort to be entertaining, a good performer (Creator, Designer, Host, Speaker, Guide, Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant), and to be a good host for any guests, or when interacting with others on the internet.

Funding Statement

Gharr depends on volunteers. Gharr (& Gharr_home) will be a non-profit organization.

Analytic searches and results of Gharr

While Gharr makes every effort to stay in the background and make you the star; some people, groups, governments, and businesses are analyzing Gharr for various reasons.

Because this world is about monitoring personal data, governments will take data from Gharr and store it. Security check points might result in personal information, notes, and items from Gharr being placed in the public domain, while it is assumed that you as a business might not be effected by this, other people that Gharr works with or for, might not appreciate that, especially if they wanted to remain anonymous.  In some countries even small actions can result in harsh penalties, of course security does not care about such punishments, or risks, but might like it, as they now have people that they can request/blackmail for help when needed. People that are blackmailed can still end up punished, emotionally scarred, take risks that result or injury, or even commit self harm or suicide—but the security that levers a person like that will not want to go public on that, nor do they need to, if the lever they used is held in a secret database accessible to only a few select people and groups.

Whether you investigate Gharr for love, hate, money, politics, to build social networks, or to better understand Gharr by going to other sources: you should not take all sources of information at face value, most information in analytical forms are useless if you don’t fully understand the techniques used and/or if the information sources have not bothered to gain your trust over time.

Gharr wants you to think, and be independent. The skill of learning how to use other sources of information about a topic is critical, and Gharr encourages you to learn such skills–most of you should already have the foundations as you have written many stories, books, websites, blogs, reports, essays, and thesis. Many every day activities also require you to find trusted sources of information for gardening, cooking, work, and so on.

The way the economy is run; the way information is gathered and shared by spy-ware/marketing-programs (; the way laws are applied; these are all examples of things that are outside the control of Gharr, and the branding that Gharr has given to you, and those information sources are not necessarily endorsed by Gharr as a result of this.

However if you get reports about Gharr performance on twitter for example, those reports are worthless if they do not also mention twitters faults and advantages as well. Twitter has a 2000 follower limit for example (accessed in 2015).

Thank you, to the people that do take an interest in Gharr; it is also hoped you will show an equal or even greater interest in the things Gharr promotes and shares.

What is Gharr?

  • Gharr is here to help you, and he does this by staying in the background in most instances.
  • Gharr will make every effort to be entertaining, a good performer (Creator, Designer, Host, Speaker, Guide, Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant), and to be a good host for any guests, or when interacting with others on the internet.
  • Gharr is not actually a true person. Gharr certainly reflects many of the founder’s thoughts and feelings and personality. However Gharr seems to focus on the people this entity supports, helps, promotes or serves; and Gharr performs this task by mostly staying in the background.
  • Gharr is ultimately a product of the various volunteers that have put in their opinions of what Gharr should do.
  • Gharr seems interesting, wonderful and relevant to you some of the time but not all of the time. My guess is that 4/5 of the time you will find what Gharr says is uninteresting or even annoying.
  • Since Gharr is not a real person, I suppose there is some logic to the fact that Gharr happens to be in love with, and totally faithful to Miku (a vocaloid). In the future the world love may be replaced by Extensionality. This love affair seems to annoy most people, but stops flirting and keeps things on a business like level. Gharr wants to catch us when we are in a thinking mode, or wanting to listen to some music. Thus Gharr tries to perpetually stay true to how a person may view this character to be like in real life.
  • Gharr moves from topics relating to the extremely technical to the utterly silly or impossible without batting an eye. This is because Gharr is focused on customer segments rather than the topic at hand. This is something few people realize or understand.
  • No single person can take credit for what Gharr is, because numerous people have made contributions over time, to help develop the content that is delivered on twitter, websites, and blogs for example.

Reflections on a leaderless groups

It can be difficult to imagine how leaderless groups operate, and how is it possible to be a member of a leaderless group. The answer in part to that is that management is done by algorithms, and automation, that forms the platforms that allow people to work together.

Because of the leaderless organization, the traditional strong borders that are the trade marks of a lot of organizations in the monetary system don’t exist with Gharr.

These borders from leadership, hierarchies, ownership, responsibility (and thus a clear definition of what the organization does, and where it is), defined roles for people, symbolic elements that give the company its look, to what defines the company employee’s image, and behavior towards the public, and the legal requirements that enables the company to operate in the monetary system are all parts of what we expect of a standard organization to be to achieve anything important (which is to make a profit in most cases).

While business to business is mentioned as a heading here (because our current system is money based and businesses can operate in profit, no profit, or even loss—but may be named differently base on profits they make), another name such as organization to organization could have been used, but Gharr often deals with promoting groups that do make a profit and thus are defined as a business, so the first name seemed preferable.

  • People might volunteer for Gharr, acting possibly as voluntary-consultants, or even offering material, but ultimately they may view the exchange in their own way: such as the Gharr volunteers for them or their group#1.0.
  • The events, projects, meetings, talks and so on that go on between people don’t have a name often, so a name is given to those items, and the default name Gharr is used here. Other people or groups might not name the events, projects, meetings, talks and so on, or they may choose their own style of name. Thus a project might have the default name of Gharr here, but it may be named differently or may not be named at all by other people, or groups.
  • The events, projects, meetings, talks and so on named Gharr by default could inspire others that may or may not be related to Gharr, to start their own events, projects, meetings, talks and so on
  • Gharr is quite complex ┊┊ he’s also a character like Hatsune Miku ❤❤❤ ┊┊ whom he is totally in Love with ┊┊ but everyone knows that ┊┊ in the future Love is replaced by the word Extensionality ~ #POEM
  • Gharr is also a nick name for the person who speaks on behalf of the Gharr group, and also takes on the role of actor for the character defined as Gharr (which might be known in business terms as the training a person gets to be the customer service person or public contact point for the customers, so they can act as the professional face, and the brand-name personality of the organization).
  • Gharr also has a standard symbol that is his icon at the moment: a sort of grey box with some green/teal colors in it.
  • While Gharr is in Hiatus a sleeping Fennec fox is overlaid on top of part of the standard picture that symbolizes Gharr. People have said they like the Fennec fox symbol. Because of significant changes on the internet, this might be a de facto standard.

Joining Gharr, or developing franchises (in business terms: “sell a product or provide a service under the business’s name”)

Business terms like franchise are useful, but Gharr is a non-profit business.

Originally it was thought that people would join or franchise Gharr (the group, make copies of it), but it was realized that each person has their own passions, dreams, and desires.

If you want to do a similar thing to Gharr: give your group, a default name for events, projects, meetings, talks and so on. Created your very own name as it’s quite a fun project in itself. The name alone will give you freedom, and permission to do things in your own way, and it should help you bond-with, and love the project or business you chose to do.

Its possible for events, projects, meetings, talks and so on to have none, one, or more names.

In a leaderless group the prestige of saying: “you belong to Gharr’s group” does not really mean much, and sounds hollow.

However if we want to share things (and that is the purpose of social networks, and working together as a global community), then giving a project, activity or event a name and shape (even if imaginary) helps people to remember your project, activity, or, event; and gives them a way to pass it on to other people.

How long will Gharr help, assist or promote you?

  • For as long as possible. There are no set dates to stop helping, assisting or promoting you.
  • Gharr promotes a real lot of people, and organizations (including bands): so it’s possible that eventually you will fall out of focus as new material—that needs to be shared—comes in.
  • We will make every effort to tell you if Gharr is unable to continue helping you should the occasion ever occur.
  • Gharr puts in a lot of effort to help you and under no circumstances wants to annoy you or make you mad.
  • Some questions Gharr asks you are based on promoting you, getting your message, product, or service out there. Generally this will only be done if Gharr thinks you like to chat occasionally–you certainly do not have to answer immediately if you don’t want to.
  • We hope you will become too successful and rich to need Gharr’s help eventually!

Want to make direct contact with the founder of Gharr?

Feel free to leave a message with me (the founder of Gharr). It may take a week to get back to you. If you don’t hear from me by then resend the message, I won’t mind. I will make every effort to reply to your message. Well, perhaps I might not respond to every message if you are a spammer and I receive hundreds of messages of that type:

Just make sure you mention that you want to get in contact with the founder of Gharr in your message–wherever you might leave it.

The founder has also left special messages for you here:

End Notes

1.0: If a group gets together to play a game, and the group has no name, person A might say these people are part of my group, and my group played a game today. If another person who did not play the game, passes that information on, they might say: person A’s group played a game today. Each person from A to Z might share the news that their group played a game. Thus there could be a possible 26 names of the event of people playing a game floating out there on the social networks—without leaders, an event organizer, or prestige, no one probably will care about what the game was called, or the name used to share the information that a game was played, but people might like to know so and so got some exercise, made friends, and had fun on that day.

Gharr works in a similar way, but to make things clear, often Gharr adds: “it’s the group of people called Gharr, that make it possible for everything Gharr does.” This is just making sure that you don’t think it is the character Gharr’s group or the speaker nicknamed Gharr’s group, joining and doing the voluntary work for your group

If Gharr joins your group, it will be for the benefit of people that are a part of Gharr, and Gharr of course is also the default name of the group that can be shared by other people, but another person in the group might use another name just as in the example above.

While this may be the true nature of how groups, and sharing information works: in a monetary system of formal names, formal organizational structures, leadership, and links to who spends money for the group that is not only requested but often demanded, we find that under that system, it’s hard to imagine how a group can have no name, be leaderless, and the randomly given names that are used to pass information around has no status, or prestige.

It’s our ajdustment to structured groups in the monetary system that give rise for the need of detailed information as the above, so we can be reminded that other forms of organization can exist and operate in a successful way—that such groups are able to complete projects, or be involved in significant events.

You will also notice or assume something about the play a game activity: that the group might have played the game in a public space. People that you allow to go into your personal space or home: are usually special sorts of people, they might often be considered as close-friends or people that you care about a lot, or family-members.

Random Projects, or Projects run over the social networks also have social spaces such as twitter has hash tags, and Google+ has public and private groups.

If you work on the public setting in twitter, anyone can make a comment on what you post, but some people (but not all) see the posts they make as personal space, and can get offended if you leave comments that make them look bad, or disagree with them (picking a fight, or debate when they don’t want that). So in most cases on twitter the hash tags tend to be a public space, while the post of a person (even if a hash tag was used) is considered personal space, and caution might need to be used if you want to enter that space.

With twitters hash tag system, people in general don’t feel you are speaking directly to them, but rather to the general crowd, so they are less likely to take it personally, as might be the case if you commented directly on their stream. This makes it possible also for you to work on global projects for the world community with minimal friction, stress, and arguments.

However people also like, and appreciate direct contact, especially if that contact is just a method to check you out, and then disappearing off the radar. Sometimes people that make contact in this way, remain in contact with you for a very long time, and that can be cool also if you get along with them.

People that Gharr promotes often check out what Gharr is for a short time, to make sure they do feel relaxed about all the mentions and promotions they get, and possibly to get some idea of why Gharr does things. After they feel satisfied, they go off and do other projects and don’t contact Gharr again, and that is fine, and works out quite well for both Gharr, and the person involved. A sort of informal friendship, and trust is often formed in such cases, which makes any future required communications much easier.

Examples of additional communications for Gharr

  • Bands want specific links associated with their music is shared (something Gharr absolutely loves to do).
  • Some foreign language bands have helped in translating their song names into English (Awesome, as the fans will love that)
  • Bands sometimes give background into the songs (fans also love to hear about little details like that, so it’s a great thing to share also).
  • Sometimes band take the time to say hello, or make some comment, and that is appreciated also. Sometimes it leads to getting some interesting information such as news on gigs, upcoming music, events, and other bands that might be interesting.

🎛 🎛 🎛

Feel free to tweet this article: 📜 Business to Business Statement: and branding statement: of Gharr


End of Article


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  1. daszki nad drzwi says:

    I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

    • gharrhome says:

      It’s great to see a company that makes stainless steel structures produce things like the “inter-bis canopies over the entrance doors.” I also checked out other stuff you made like railings around stairs and walkways on the outside of buildings.

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