The Venus Project

The Venus Project

The Venus Project

This is a Brief Introduction to The Venus Project

While The Venus Project has no leaders–a strange statement to those who have never encountered such a organization before, but the person who founded The Venus Project is called Jacque Fresco.

There are many others who have been a part of The Venus Project for a long time; one such person is Roxanne Meadows. “She studied technical and architectural rendering and model making under Jacque Fresco for 4 years.” [1]

Jacque Fresco lived through the great depressions and “realized the earth was still the same place, manufacturing plants were still intact, and resources were still there, but people didn’t have money to buy the products. Jacque Fresco felt the rules of the game we play by were outmoded and damaging.” [2]

The Venus Project has lots of videos you can watch and the media people are always making new stuff. These are the official YouTube account for The Venus Project:

How a Resource Based Economy would work:

This is a sample video form the above-mentioned website: The Venus Project-Resource Based Economy :

Shortened link to video: The Venus Project-Resource Based Economy :


“Imagine a world where war is outdated, there is no shortage of resources, and every human being enjoys a high standard of living.”

The Venus Project Supporters, Volunteers, and Mentors

The Venus Project changed the way it interacts with volunteers. The website was changed and a lot of the older hyperlinks (URL) no longer work, so they have now been updated in this article (2017).

You could be a part of making our future a better place to live in. Where everyone has enough food. There is no war. There is no poverty.

The Volunteers and Supporters online:

Be Part of Changing the World to a Resource Based Economy

Some people come to The Venus Project expecting global change, or local changes to suddenly occur once they join. Currently The Venus Project is trying to inform as many of the 7 billion people on this earth that a solution to our problems exist—that we don’t need to have war, poverty, starvation, debt, and unnecessary human suffering.

The Venus Project will only work if the entire world’s people unite and become one community. That may seem impossible to you who—wish change right now, but even science concedes that this will eventually happen, not only on a planetary scale, but on much larger scales that includes our entire solar system if we choose to venture into space: The Kardashev Scale: Another strong factor of influencing the change over to a Resource Based Economy is the increasing automation in our world, it is quite possible that many of our industries will employ no people at all eventually, and that would have a devastating effect on on the world’s people and their lives; since under the monetary system people need to work to get paid.

Are we ready for a transition to a resource based economy right now? The resounding answer is yes, and there will be a transition period, that may last at minimum 20 years or less depending on technology as new cities are built all over the world to make sure every person in this world has housing, enough food, health care, transport, education access and many more things.

The only thing holding us back is that many of the world people still do not know a solution exists; and large scale efforts (that must include all of the worlds people) to change things is not occurring at the moment—and that may depend on how bad we let the economic system get before a demand for change is made (or a forced solution is imposed on us by governments: that may not be in our best interests if based on the existing economic system).

For those of you who don’t know: The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement have split up

It’s Official, The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement have split up:

The Venus Project is in the Process of Making a Major Motion Film

The Venus Project is in the process of making major motion picture depicting life in a resource-based economy. If you wish to read about this major motion picture project or donate money to it:

“The Venus Project wishes to thank all the people who have made donations.”

The Venus Project in interested in getting a chance to build the first test city

Initiating construction of the first experimental city system designed by Jacque Fresco:

You might also be interested in checking out this video

The documentary Paradise or Oblivion, produced by Roxanne Meadows, introduces the culmination of Jacque Fresco’s work, and viable solutions for the future.



Shortened link to video: ”Paradise or Oblivion” Official (48 min) [documentary]: #thevenusproject #RBE @frescotweets



Short link to this post: The Venus Project, beyond politics, poverty and war: ,

Alt Short link to this post: 🌎 The Venus Project, beyond politics, poverty and war:


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updated Mar 2017
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3 Responses to The Venus Project

  1. celestial elf says:

    I hope they get the help they need to share he vision,
    Thought you might like my minor (budget) motion machinima film,
    To The Venus Project

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

    • gharrhome says:

      Thanks for the video film. I enjoyed watching it. Your film reminds me that Second Life could be a nice place to model The Venus Project buildings and society.

      I think a big thing that is important about The Venus Project is letting people know:

      • We care about other people and really do want to make this world a better place to live in
      • It hurts our feelings when wars happen and people go hungry.
      • We all want to do something about reducing suffering and hurt in this world.
      • That people are trying to find solutions to our problems, some have even come up with what they feel is a solution—we just need to take notice of them and think about what they are saying.
      • The Venus Project has a solution to our current problems that we can make use right now if we want to do so. It’s an idea that also accepts that if it is implemented, future generations will be able to improve on it and make it even more perfect.

      I think your film helps spread a message that a solution is out there already and you understand our feelings well:

      • People of the future will only thank us if we do things that show we care about other people today and right now.

      Thank you for taking the effort to making several films that reveal who we are and what we feel.

      In particular, thank you for making a film about what people in the future might think and feel about The Venus Project while at the same time spreading the message about the existence of a solution to the major problems we face in today’s world.

      With much respect and gratitude Gharr

      Go to The Venus Project to find out more about the new film that is being made.

    • gharrhome says:

      Both the twitter accounts of Celestial Elf, and video link here to motion machinima film, To The Venus Project were lost in 2017. The reasons for the loss are not known, but you can still watch videos by Celestial Elf:

      His work is greatly appreciated.

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