Space Exploration and Colonization is Now a Global Issue

Exploration & commercial use of space is not just for ESA, NASA, JAXA, or ROSCOSMOS; it is a global issue.

Exactly how we explore asteroids, moons, mars and so forth is a matter of budget and time frames. We may use Human or robotic or combined exploration methods.

The International Effort for Space Exploration

Human space exploration in the future :

World Space Agencies:

The Mining Of Helium 3 for Safe (peaceful) Fusion Energy

Shortened link: Mining Helium 3 (safe global fusion energy–peace):

Companies are considering mining for Helium 3 on the moon :

Shortened link to video: Companies are considering mining for Helium 3 that is on earth’s moon :

The Commercial Space Industries of Today and The People Whose Wealth Back Up These Space Industries

The wealthy men behind today’s commercial space industry were just kids when the space race started 50 years ago:

More on International Cooperation and Colonizing Our Solar System

Eventually private companies will colonize space:

International cooperation 4 the permanent human exploration and settlement of space:

The establishment of a permanent Moon base should be the result of international cooperation:

Buzz Aldrin proposes a different way back to the Moon: international collaboration:

Shortened URL to this article: Space Exploration is Now a Global Issue:,

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