News – The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement Split Official

April 2011:

“Wow, I think I’m getting news that the The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project have had a split of some sort??? [2 B Confirmed]” twitter:

May 2011:

“New Initiatives”

“…The Venus Project would like to thank The Zeitgeist Movement for its valuable contributions in regards to raising awareness of the work of Jacque Fresco. At this time The Venus Project feels it is important to integrate the activism under the aegis of The Venus Project in order to work on specific projects directly related to its aims and direction. Therefore the two organizations are now moving forward autonomously…” [source:, originally accessed May 2011]

Note: the website has changed often, and the information no longer exists in the original location (or may not exist at all within the website).

Emotions ran high during the split.

“We should calm down, and start moving forward, and possibly have more of an open source approach to a Resource Based Economy. The Zeitgeist Movement has a great opportunity to go in new directions” ~ a comment by The Zeitgeist Movement member, April 2011

There was a lot of anger towards the Zeitgeist Movement (and The Venus Project as they were seen as the same thing) on the social networks, and that may have also been a part of the reason for the split. There was a feeling that the Zeitgeist Movement went overboard with criticizing the government. The Venus Project has been more low key about the shock value of criticizing governments, but has mentioned the monetary system is failing, and politicians are unlikely to come up with a solution to the world’s major problems (such as war, hunger, unnecessary human suffering, and so on). A lot of people in 2017 for example are aware of automation, robots, and autonomous cars and thus the loss of jobs., and without jobs people might need a universal basic income or some other way to support themselves. In the 2017 the video called “Peter Joseph Interview, Defining The Zeitgeist Movement” it mentions there will be a focus on solutions.

🌎 Awakening Full movie by Douglas Mallette [video]:

🌎 Douglas Mallette On The Zeitgeist Movement And The Venus Project Split: The video was taken down for some reason, and is no longer available.

The basics of what the video discussed:

“Every aerospace engineer knows what the resource based economy is because that is exactly the system that would be necessary to live on another planet. There’s no money there and you have to automate as much stuff as you can. The Venus Project does not have some kind of monopoly on this idea… because this idea has always been part of space exploration and development from a very long time ago.

“It does not matter what flag you fly on your ship. What matters is what direction your ship is going, regardless of if it’s The Venus Project, Atlas or AREBETH(?), invent your own group if you have to. The goal is the same [and that is to move] towards a resource based economy.

“[… he goes into details about his own company that is designed to produce food for the whole world at the lowest cost possible…]

“Regardless of if it’s The Venus Project or the Zeitgeist movements fault, both organizations have not been communicating properly with each other and now […the relationship between them has completely] fallen apart. And you know what… that happens.

“But you have to ask your self: does The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movements split really make any difference to the direction you want to drive your ship?

“[we need a resource based economy and we will continue to need one even if The Venus Project or the Zeitgeist Movement cease to exist. Don’t stop making an effort to make the resource based economy come into existence just because of these two organizations].”

🔶 The FAQ section of the Zeitgeist Movement is quite interesting to read:

🔶 The Zeitgeist Movement RBEM name was used instead of RBE:

🌎 Why did The Venus Project part ways with The Zeitgeist Movement? [video]:

🔶 The Zeitgeist Movement Orientation:

Mar 15, 2013:🔶 Peter Joseph and Cenk Uygur: The Zeitgeist Movement Interview TYT [Interview]:

Sep 2, 2012: 🌎 Jacque Fresco – The Venus Project | London Real [interview]:

Many at The Venus Project were starting to wonder if there will ever be (or there currently is) another great, inventive, and creative person like Jacque Fresco.

Jacque Fresco in the interview mentioned above, clearly states there are no leaders at The Venus Project, and there are no creative people–indicating that there are already quite a few creative people in The Venus Project (and in this world) that can make improvement on designs, just as he has done throughout his life; and could make this world a better place (by designing better systems for our world’s populations–world community—to work with, like the resource based economy for example). He also mentions in the interview, that if we feel we can’t do what he does, it may be the fault of the education system—that does not allow us to explore this world, and actively get involved with problem solving; because we have rules like “kids are not allowed to touch aircraft engines.” The author (of this article and update) also feels this “no touch rule” often exists among adults, and it can hold us back from solving problems in this world—and at really taking a good hard look at what The Venus Project can really offers us. Jacque Fresco is showing us that the “good hard look” might also include checking ourselves out, and realizing that we are capable of doing much more than we might realize.

📌 Independent Groups: some people split from The Venus Project, and Zeitgeist Movement, and worked independently towards a Resource Based Economy in their own way.


This city is designed for, and to exist in— a resource based economy.

🌎 Peter Joseph | Economic Calc. in a Natural Law (The Zeitgeist Movement) [video]:

🔶 Amazing #TZM: THE P2P FOUNDATION: “Economic Calculation in RBE” by Peter Joseph: , o_o #WOW

The above shows that the Zeitgeist Movement is a respected source for the P2P Foundation.

The Venus Project does not get the same level of respect from the P2P Foundation or the founder Michel Bauwens,

Is Peter Joseph more of a engineer-economist now:, rather then a inventor like Jacque Fresco. If that is the case, Peter Joseph may be more capable of approaching a Resource Based Economy using the political system right now. However if the system is not ready to change, Peter Joseph may meet with considerable resistance. On the other hand Jacque Fresco may feel that automation, monetary collapse, and global problems may force a move to a Resource Based Economy, and so he must wait for such times to arrive.

The exact paths The Venus Project (such as an early Resource Based Test City) and the Zeitgeist Movement (changing the economy, and political changes possibly) take still remains to be seen, a lot is happening in the world during 2017.

🔶 Peter Joseph Interview, Defining The Zeitgeist Movement [Interview]:

It is mentioned above that The Venus Project website has changed over time, and some information seems to have been lost to the public. For those who support The Venus Project and share the information about a Resource Based Economy to other people in this world, they need a good reference library, and materials that help explain what The Venus Project, and a Resource Based Economy is.

🌎 Introduction to a Resource Based Economy [details]:



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11 Responses to News – The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement Split Official

  1. Oliver Starr says:

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    Glad you’re enjoying using Pearltrees!


    Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist

  2. Adam says:

    Venus project is stupid and selfish. If they really cared about the ends they speak of, they wouldn’t care who led it or if it was done in exactly the way they planned it.

  3. gharrhome says:

    The Venus Project when fully implemented will have no politicians (leaders).

    During the transition from the old to the new system—that is fully described by The Venus Project—and because our language can be interpreted in several ways there will need to be leaders unfortunately.

    Leaders, regardless of if they exist as dictators or in committees are part of every top level political system on earth, such is their power. We live in a world that is dominated by countries and politics. I can understand that it must be hard to imagine a world without them—and to believe that The Venus Project actually will not need this profession once the transition is completed!

    Update on Oct 2011: The Venus Project website has changed and the author has now had a closer look at how they are organized. Like the Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project has no leaders. The author probably should have suspected that the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project are very similar; since they were once considered to be parts of the same organization, and based on exactly the same ideas.

    I’m not sure how the Zeitgeist Movement and/or The Venus Project are going to handle the transition towards a Resource Based Economy without leaders. So, in theory that would make the above statements on leadership false. That is, the answer to the above question should simply have been have been:

    The Venus Project has no leaders.

  4. Runetka says:

    Listening to the interview, I start to get annoyed with Roxanne’s answers. She speaks a lot, but doesn’t say ANYTHING! Can anyone at all here explain what the the differences in the two visions are?
    I think the Venus project, if they want publicity and more support, should really get another public speaker.

    • gharrhome says:

      The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement was originally part of the same thing—that is they were both focused on the ideas created by The Venus Project. The function of Zeitgeist Movement was originally meant to be the publicity arm of The Venus Project—but you can ask the Zeitgeist Movement’s members about this as they do not operate on a leadership model and currently our language has many interpretations.

      The above article explains possible reasons for the split and both organizations are still heading in similar directions according to the above article. If people are not convinced of this statement it’s quite possible for any person to research the organizations directly and get first hand information.

      It would be hoped the The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement are capable of providing some answers to the many questions people ask.

      Roxanne Meadows has been close to the core of all the things that go on in The Venus Project and is perfectly qualified to speak for The Venus Project.

  5. gharrhome says:

    Message from Cloverfield ForOprah Billz

    Partial list of contact details

    Facebook …
    email bossdude27@….


    I hope that neither of these important missions implodes upon itself due to repeating the fallacies of religion and organised government have already. Stop fighting each other and work together no matter what.

    Gharr’s Reply

    Yes I do hope they can find the time to walk together and be friends.

    Joe Budden – Walk With Me [song/music]:

    Website for Joe Budden:

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. gharrhome says:

    Hi El Proyecto Venus contrastado (in English Contrasted Venus Project)
    I got your comment that simply is a link to this article. Normally I would delete such a comment without thought, however I did read your personal blog and thought I would leave a comment of what it roughly says here:

    1) The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement is a lie.

    2) All the money they have should be taken away and spend on charities.

    I might have got the translation wrong, but i thought it was worth a mention. Anyway there is not too many ways to interpret this point: “First and foremost, because the Venus Project is a fraud.”

    I disagree with you, but this is my attempt to let your ideas shine so I won’t say anything more than that. I hope you don’t in future need to go to your opponents to get your blog noticed, but good luck in examining the faults of The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.

  7. Whatzeitgeists says:

    the zeitgeist movement has lost their scope. This is glaringly evident when you speak in their forums. The “leaders” of these forums erase pertinent information posted by its members if that information in anyway disregards what the moderators are looking for. They have given up the scope of their own project and now speak of reforms to current government practice as if to leave that same government in control. I no longer support the zeitgeist movement in fact I hope anonymous gets wind of their actions…sees how pro AGENDA 21 it has become and bring the whole thing down.

    • gharrhome says:

      Thanks for your comment. The Zeitgeist Movement is changing because of its split with The Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement is a massive world wide organization, an it will take some effort to the to change.

      The Zeitgeist Movement was the activist arm of The Venus Project–although members of either or both groups may have their own views on how successful this relationship between the organizations was; given they have now split up.

      A Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project is (or should be) at the core of what most members of the Zeitgeist Movement believe is a better way to run this world–not Agenda 21. However the Zeitgeist Movement must find their own way in the world now, and that included using thier own model–currently they seem to like using the following words “Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy.”

      Their own website: refers to a RBEM or the newer and apparently more favoured NLRBE (“Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy”) as the model they are interested in. It can only be assumed that this is their core mission–to spread the word about a “Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy.”

      However, you have made an interesting comment: has the Zeitgeist Movement found any new partners to work with…? You suggest groups, governments or individuals that agree with Agenda 21, but the Zeigeist Movement makes official no references to that topic, so on the surface your comment is false; and not all forums are open to the public–making official references to such material difficult.

      I do appreciate your comment, and I think your thought provoking words will be a small part of helping make sure all the members of the Zeitgeist Movement take a full interest in the TZM-organization and how it works with others–Thank You.

  8. gharrhome says:

    Chemazdamundi I got your comment: you feel that the Zeitgeist Movement are wrong; and also The Venus Project is wrong.

    I will add no more to your comments–as you are not providing any other information for a solution or reasons as to why the current system is so perfect.

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