Afghan Music Scene


I like to think of doing business in Afghanistan as being more formal and traditional. If you’re interested in doing business in Afghanistan, then this website might help give you some clues on how it might be done on a social level:

In my other article on more modern styles of Afghan music styles, I mention some of the energy sources that Afghanistan might be interested in developing:

If your into making music or part of the music industry, then the above link might make it easier for you with people from the Afghan music and business community. The music from this region is different and there should be people all over the world that would like to hear it.

Traditional or Modern Traditional Styles of Afghan Music

While I am not concerned as to if the music is modern or traditional, it is hoped that it is made by a Afghan citizen or a person living inside Afghanistan.

If the music is not made (and I’m not talking about who sells & distributes the music), by a Afghan citizen, or person living inside Afghanistan (or possibly even an expatriate), then I apologize for labeling it Afghan music–as the credit should go to some other region and/or country.

The author is still learning about the Afghan music style. It is hoped that many other people around the world will also enjoy this musical style.

Shikeb Spand Fanoos e Ishq [Afghan song/music]

Shortened link to video: Shikeb Spand Fanoos e Ishq [Afghan song/music]:

“Bidar Esqhôm” [song/music]

Shortened link to video: “Bidar Esqhôm” [Afghan song/music]:

Deleh Beqaraar [Afghan song/music]:

Shortened link to video: Deleh Beqaraar [Afghan song/music]:

Rafi Hanif – Baraan Pashto [Afghan song/music]:

Shortened link to video: Rafi Hanif – Baraan Pashto [Afghan song/music]:

Dilagha Surood Sowgand [Afghan song/music]:

Shortened link to video: Dilagha Surood Sowgand [Afghan song/music]:

OMiD NiKZaD Raftee [Afghan song/music]:

Shortened link to this video: OMiD NiKZaD Raftee [Afghan song/music]:


Shortened link: Nashenas [Afghan song /music]:

Nashenas is popular among the populations of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is also well-respected by many modern singers who try to copy his style [via]

Shortened Link to this Article: Afghan Music Scene:,

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2 Responses to Afghan Music Scene

    • gharrhome says:

      I agree: Afghan Videos and Music are quite good and also unique to the world market. I enjoy listening to the music and watching the characters in the films.

      I understand you supply Videos, film, movies, and music and songs for Afghans, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Baloch, and Pakistanis. I’m sure the rest of the world is quite interested in some of the films and music from these other places as well.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. If the readers want to find out more about Afghan Videos and Music, you can follow this link:

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