The Venus Project In A Nutshell (Almost)

Picture of Buckminster Fuller

Give People the tools for a new way of thinking.

This information here has been produced by checking out various sources of information from The Venus Project.

#The_Venus_Project: It’s complex and not easy to explain in 140 words:

#The_Venus_Project: depends on a non-interpretable-language to be used by the entire world’s population:


#The_Venus_Project: Also all national boundaries will cease to exist producing a world-wide community.

  • Realizing the declaration of the world’s resources as being the common heritage of all people.
  • Transcending the artificial boundaries that currently and arbitrarily separate people.
  • Replacing money-based nationalistic economies with a resource-based world economy.
  • Gradually outgrowing corporate entities and governments, (local, national, or supra-national) as means of social management.
  • Outgrowing nationalism, bigotry, and prejudice through education.
  • Eliminating elitism, technical or otherwise.

#The_Venus_Project: has no government, laws, armies, shops or money.

#The_Venus_Project: People get supplied all the basics they need from supply points for free.

#The_Venus_Project: uninterrupted communications system with data from all over the world being available 2 all people.

  • Sharing innovative technologies, and improving communications between people:
  • Cybernated Centers in the center of the Resource Economy Based Cities, will coordinate industries, transportation systems, public health care, and the flow of goods and services: Each person will be able to view the state of the world by accessing data from the Cybernated Centres much like we can access information today using simplified example of various data about the entire world being displayed for you in one place, it is called a world resource clock [website]:

#TVP people have access 2 data that is collected from all over the world, & combined 2 in a way that conveys meaningful information to the user. It may be weather predictions, new product timelines, all the manufacture steps and process locations for an item a person owns, or how busy it is on the golf courses to name a few examples.

#TVP Public exhibition halls show: what is available; needed, what we don’t know, suggestions & comments from people (since a resource based economy will work to improving communications between people):

  • The next band [part of the city] provides the community with centers for cultural activities such …exhibitions [exhibition centers]
  • Nearby the centers for cultural activities such …exhibitions [exhibition centers], are the the research facilities:

#TVP: This is a form of democracy where all people participate in the way their world is run by getting educated in areas of interest, sharing ideas, and holding discussions on what is going on in the world, and the way each person chooses to live their daily lives. Things like extensionality (a type of love that enhances peoples lives):, and functional selfishness

#The_Venus_Project: People will understand exactly how much resources are available for them (all of earths resources are the common heritage of all the world’s people).

#The_Venus_Project: People will understand exact details about that service or product using a new non-interpretative-language.

#The_Venus_Project: You will not own anything; you can return products to a supply depot if you don’t need it—reduces your storage needs also.

#The_Venus_Project: if we are brought up in a different way, our thoughts about the world will also be different–LOVE, PROBLEM-SOLVING

#The_Venus_Project: human rights Rn’t just some statement on piece of paper, it’s integrated in2 the very operation our society & industries

It will be cheaper to build whole new cities from scratch rather than to upgrade old cities to the needs and requirements of #The_Venus_Project

#The_Venus_Project: The cities are fundamental and important, but they will be designed for us rather than just for industry & retail

Start UR journey today; check out The Venus Project for yourself:

#The_Venus_Project: blue-print 4 the genesis of a new world civilization, one that is based on human concern & environmental reclamation.

Shortened Link To This Post: The Venus Project In A Nutshell (Almost):,

Research And A True Democracy

A lot of new people often wonder if people will be ruled by a cybernated system (the thing that is in the center of every RBE-city). It is probably one of the hardest things to understand in a Resource Based Economy (at least for the author), because many of us (including the author) tend to exchange the word “cybernated-system” with the word “cybernated-government.” But there will be no government in a Resource Based Economy. In a Resource Based Economy, every person can take part in how the world is run and how decisions are made (a true democracy).

Some people might wonder how research can occur without money. I hope the next paragraphs will answer this question. It also shows how a cybernated-system will not do everything for us, or make every decision for us.

#Research: Often people assume a cybernated system (copies of it will exist in every city) will do everything for us, and make all decisions for us (including what should be researched). This is not true, people will have a say on how their world is run, and each person will determine how they live their own lives.

Research in a RBE will not be determined by cost; rather it will be determined by what people like to do; and also from feedback from suggestions, and comments from people all over the world (a form a democracy that everyone can participates in) that are fed into the the computers by each individual who chooses to participate in this process. People will see what is going on around the world (including #research) because of publications, bulletins, papers, and public exhibition-halls (inside every RBE-city). #TVP Public exhibition halls show: what is available; needed, what we don’t know, suggestions, and comments from people.

A little bit about how the cybernated system (government) works is explained here: “people will have access to data that is collected, and combined to have a meaning of some sort from all over the earth”

Why Will People Look for Solutions

I know a few people have mentioned on this wall that it is very hard to share the idea of a Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project with other people. Well it actually is not, if people are searching for the things you have to share (“bio-social pressures or the march of events” ).

You will not need to convince people about a Resource Based Economy, there are people out there right now searching for solutions, they desire a better world, just like you do. Regardless of if you work (as a volunteer, supporter, mentor, or on your own project) at a local level or a global level: the only thing you need to do is offer to share good ideas with other people. The social pressures that produce huge numbers of people (from the 7 billion people in this world) that are searching for solutions is mentioned below (“bio-social pressures or the march of events” ).

How you share information about The Venus Project with others is up to you. It is a skill that you have to develop. The online environment can be easier in some ways, and can work on a global level. However if you like to work with your local community that is okay too. There is a lot of stuff here on this website that will assist you in sharing information from extras, FAQ, technology, about, The Venus Project on Facebook and twitter to name a few things that will make sharing things and good ideas a lot easier.

What if you share ideas that are not correct in some ways, well that is not good, but your peers will decide what is worth taking an interest in, and possibly sharing with other people.


During times of great stress, bio-social pressures, march events, protest events occur. These can also be times when many new organizations form to try and address the many problems the people are experiencing.

1) “During the great depression of 1929 when banks failed and people were laid off, things seemed hopeless. Those conditions brought about new organizations to address the many problems–everything from Mankind United, Socialism, Communism, Technocracy, and The World Federalist. They produced social awareness on a large scale. These conditions are sometimes referred to as bio-social pressures or the march of events.”

2) “At present, people are not well enough informed to devise a relevant and workable social system through rational methods. The Venus Project will not be installed by today’s political leaders who are not appointed to change things but to keep things as they are. It is only through the failure of existing social institutions and political incompetence that people will seek other possible social alternatives. They are mainly motivated by severe conditions that threaten their safety and existence.”

3) “No nation today is about to give up its sovereignty for a social arrangement that has never been tried. Therefore it will take a social breakdown to stimulate the search for alternative social designs. This has been the case throughout human history.”

~ source: FAQ 14:

I don’t need to look too hard to see that the world is in a lot of trouble right now, and people are suffering all over the world. Some of those people (quite a lot in fact if you consider the 7 billion people on this earth) will be looking to find the exact information you happen to want to share

Why Does Everyone Need to Know About a Resource Based Economy

People often ask why does everyone need to know about a Resource Based Economy before the transition can occur to a RBE-world?

The reason for this is that a RBE-world is a true democracy, everyone will get a chance to say how this world is run. Anything less is not a Resource Based Economy.

#TVP Public exhibition halls show: what is available; needed, what we don’t know, suggestions & comments from people all over this world.

People that have learned about The Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy Often Wonder What They Can Do Now: to try to improve their own lives, or the lives of others in this world.

People often ask about the Transition Time (happening right now). The monetary system is collapsing as we become increasingly automated (and unemployment should not be a bad thing in this age of abundance). People will be able to (or do) create their own 3D printed products, recycling networks, transport networks, energy, media (including music, books, education), food (hydroponics, and aquaponics for example), global social networks (and friends)—at or near zero cost because people simply like to do that stuff and share it with their friends or the world.

People still say: “I don’t see it, I can’t afford it, I have been with The Venus Project for months or years and nothing changes around here… and so on.”

Things are changing, and if you keep an eye on The Venus Project, a lot is happening; but still… The Venus Project is concerned with information sharing right now (teaching all the 7 billion people on this earth about a Resource Based Economy, and that is a huge project!!!)

Once you understand: what is happening to you, and the world around you; you can try and improve your own life, or help the people in this world community.

But the question remains: how do you find groups around the world that are trying to make the transition period a less violent or troubled time—how do you find people around the world that are trying to solve problems like you are?

The answer to that question comes from a surprising place!

In FAQ 14 ( you will find a very interesting paragraph:

“During the great depression of 1929 when banks failed and people were laid off, things seemed hopeless. Those conditions brought about new organizations to address the many problems–everything from Mankind United, Socialism, Communism, Technocracy, and The World Federalist. They produced social awareness on a large scale. These conditions are sometimes referred to as bio-social pressures or the march of events.”

It seems that as the world becomes a place of strife and problems, groups will form to solve those problems (but some may choose discrimination, hatred, fear, or violence as was the case in the past). If you understand The Venus Project, then you will seek out groups that want to form world communities and/or global social networks, that care about our environment and all people on this earth.

Feel free to get out there and do something, it can be as little or as much as you want, you can make a difference.

Same as above: …What They Can Do Now: to try to improve their own lives, or the lives of others in this world… but with a focus on a person who is more of a business person or entrepreneur.

If you understand what a Resource Based Economy is then you might see projects that shift us to the next stage. This is not directly a part of The Venus Project, it is a part of the transition. If you have a BS Entrepreneurship then you will see many projects that try and reduce the suffering of human beings as the monetary system fails: A World Beyond Markets [ video ]: #energy_internet #3Dprinter_internet #information_internet #recycling_internet #transport_internet

Projects include housing (probably using giant 3D printers), water (using condensation in mornings—to save people walking long distances to get water), lighting (using plastic bottles filled with water and other stuff to light up the inside of buildings in shanty towns during the daytime without the use of electricity), recycling plastic from oceans and dumps (to make 3D printer filaments or oil–that can be converted to fuel if desired; provides income. energy and materials for poor areas), aquaculture (companies are working to provide the infrastructure and work practices that will eventually provide food for poor areas at or near zero cost for people—essentially putting the company out of business in the long term), power generation using (solar energy, wind, tidal, underwater currents, waves, and so on), and many more projects that would take up pages to mention here.

The Philippines and other Islands also have access to the world through the internet, and many companies now hire international work forces (often only when needed, and it is called outsourcing) using the internet, social networks, tele-presence (using iPad attached to wheels for example: and various communications and work flow management tools.

The internet of things (initially being developed by the big companies; but small companies and businesses will probably play a part too)–uses simple technology available today: that may form the ground work for the sensors and computer systems that will be used by a Resource Based Economy and the RBE-Cities’ cybernated system:

Your skills used in a voluntary, hobby, employee, investor, or as a business way could move us all towards a gentler transition period (but that is hard to predict) and help people all over the world that might be suffering right now. You could help us get to a future time where we may get decide we want a Resource Based Economy: once all 7 Billion people on this earth know what a Resource Based Economy is.

In these troubled times—where governments seem unable to find solutions—global groups or individuals (possibly using a company business structure) are forming to solve the big problems; find them and check out what they are doing. These are part of the modern versions of the march events that Jacque Fresco speaks about.

We do need to become a world community; we do need to start to care about each other.

You live in exciting times, and yes there are lots of terrible things happening around the world, and probably in your local area, but have hope also, know that things are changing all over this world, and with your help we, but most likely or our children might find themselves in a Resource Based Economy. Also know that other people around the world are working with you to make this world a better place—you can just check it out, work on it every now and then, or be a regular volunteer or worker on various project; because with or without you, people will work to make this world a better place, but it would be nice to have your help.

Work on sharing the idea of a Resource Based Economy with other people, as that is also a way forward. Again, if you don’t have the time to do that: that is okay because other people will still work on this also, but we would love to have your help of course.

I hope this will give you some clues about living in a monetary world in a way that makes you feel better. That it gives you the ability to see where our world is heading towards in the future (a Resource Based Economy), and some money based projects that might interest you, and make you feel that you are not wasting your time and effort—but instead helping people all over the world. I hope you can find a way to be happy in this time of the transition

Social & Technical Factors To Change

  • The monetary system is failing: #energy_internet #3Dprinter_internet #information_internet #recycling_internet & #transport_internet:
  • The energy internet (people producing energy for themselves): ✎ The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin[ video ]: via @TheVenusProject
  • More about how our manufacturing is changing, so people can make stuff for themselves: ✎ Abundance 360 and Exponential Technologies (2014) [ video ]: via @TheVenusProject. This industry where individuals can manufacture their own stuff will also extend into services including personal medical treatment, and assisting us. This might seem abstract, so here is a medical and social example of basic technology being used by individuals: 🌎 Technology we wear that changes our social lives & health 🌟 Presenting OMsignal, technology woven into life [ video ]:
  • The monetary system does not make sense: 🌎 Thinking Backwards [article]: (especially in the face of increasing automation)
  • The Venus Project requires a language that can be interpreted in only one way: ✎ Non-interpretable language (can only be interpreted in one way) or descriptive universal language [article]:
  • A world community is a requirement for a Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project. But many people have been brought up to believe in borders and nationalism (and money mentioned above).
  • We no longer need war or armies if we form a global community, and get rid of borders.
  • ☆ If you’re religious, don’t just pray, do something to help out one of your 7 billion neighbors.
  • Global Projects & working together on a global scale. Small businesses are getting access to a thing called outsourcing. Not only are individuals manufacturing things for themselves or producing services, for more complex tasks small businesses are working on a global scale to get products and services to their customers: Live shows, Video Production, Outsourcing [article]: This is not sourced from The Venus Project, it is an article produced by Gharr.
  • Of interest: ✎ The Choice is Ours:

Needs and Art (Do We Need It?)

Yes, this like art is a broad subject. here is one take on needs: ✎ Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

But Needs can also be seen on a more broad scale: a city, society and even a world community has needs to keep it operating in a way that works for those groups based possibly also on science, engineering, and their culture.

The growth and development of a baby to a young adult also has needs that might include things that are special for that period of development.

Do we need art (including music, dance, sculptures, computer art—that may be in 3D motion, singing and so on). Well that is also an interesting subject as it can be found on several levels: human, society, online, city scale, building scale, indoor design, child-hood development, sharing information, medicine, warning signs, education and so on.

For The Venus Project: It can be hard to imagine what the people who live in a Resource Based Economy will be like. For art one person explained what art might mean to these future people: art must be a something, rather than a nothing. That refers to the idea of art (including dance, sculpture, computer-art, songs and so on) will perform some function such as: developing the artists skills; relaxation; giving a message; enhancing a feeling of community; enhancing ability to relax, learning, thinking; and so on. Art will not be made for no reason. No reason (or a nothing) isn’t easy to define, but from the idea of relationships in a Resource Based Economy, art will need to enhance peoples lives in some way, so for example some art may only have a meaning to a small group of people at times—for example an artist in a Resource Based Economy is not doing art to make money so they can live, so their art might be a personal adventure; but the person may share their art with friends and family, just to let them know how they are going. [this section will need to be referenced—but official references might take time to acquire, or might not be available as this subject is very specific. The references given originally were not from official sources]

There is a lot of things in this world that don’t have simple one line answers.

TVP Social Network Information


Official Resources List

Jacque Fresco has admitted that he has investigated several ideas. The followers of The Venus Project also may share various sources that may or may not have anything to do with The Venus Project, but those sources of information may have led these people to The Venus Project, so supporters can often provide information that might be confusing to other supporters.

This list of references may or may not be be considered official.

Social Media Contact Points

Some examples of recommended reading material from people that Jacque Fresco mentions


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