Google Email Now Requires a Mobile Telephone Number For Sign-Up

Shortened Link To This Page: Google Email Now Requires a Mobile Telephone Number For Sign-Up (in some countries):

Quite a few reports I have read about Google requiring people to supply a telephone number to sign up for a email account have more or less been neutral to positive.

This also effects YouTube account users since Google has its paws in that too.

Another part of the the market (perhaps this isn’t surprising) that Google is interested in is the mobile phone market and mobile app market.

It’s not surprising that google might want a part of the mobile telephone action. It is in part, the mobile phone markets access to the internet that allows “twitters expansion to a potential of 1,530,000%.” Also poorer people are more likely to own a telephone rather then a personal computer.

However, Not everyone is taking Googles move to get your mobile number in exchange for a free email well, here are some comments from the Google system blog:

“This idea is stupid. I refuse to give my cell phone number out. I hope Google runs out of business. They even pull this crap on YouTube. I’m sticking to Yahoo or MSN.”Anonymous

[–if only they had given their mobile-telephone number we could have tracked that anonymous persons location to the meter, and found out who actually made that comment…]

“this is just google doing what they are best at, trying to collect every bit of information about u.” anonymous

“I am unable to create gmail account, it ask for mobile no. , i am not interested in giving my mobile no.” anonymous

“I am no longer using google. They must be high. They are collecting databases on people and not deleting the the info. This can mean one of two things. Either they plan on selling the info later, or they are part of the CIA.” anonymous

“Now I use Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News. Instead of using Google mail , google maps and Google ‘FFFFFF*ing news’. Thank you very much ‘I’m not sooooooo eEEEeeeViL’ Google.” anonymous

“Bullshit. No more Google for me.”

“All I want to do is create an account on YouTube but this ridiculous account verification with pigging google is preventing me from doing so!…Guess what google, you’re not having my mobile number or my business anymore. I’ll be voting with my feet.” anonymous

“Goodbye G-mail. Goodbye Google. You’re time is up. You have been replaced.” dangertime [blogger]

“Sad, really sad to watch YouTube crumble so quickly. Bye, bye old friend, bye, bye Google, you’ve gone from hip, independent underdog to an over-inflated, CIA-FBI-Controlled Paranoid Dictatorship and honorary member of the CFR. It now appears evident that Google has a Big Brother agenda for world domination and total population control though its ‘free web-based’ technology. Well, I’m no dummy, I know nothing in life is truly free. I therefore do not want your YouTube, your Gmail or Apps. I don’t even want you anymore. Google, you are NO LONGER my favorite Search Engine. You are a DICTATORSHIP. You are ONE WORLD GLOBALISTS. You are GOOGLE, THE WORLD’S NEWEST EVIL CORPORATION.” Junkification [blogger]

“Now Google can find every user on the map in real time… ” anonymous

“Google are happily eating away into our privacy, and they are not doing it slowly either.” anonymous

“Google will NEVER get my cell phone number. Why? Because I don’t have a fucking cellphone, and I have no plans to get one.” anonymous surfer

“Really takes the piss that google have gone down this road.. and they’ll probably be using your phone number for more than just verification..” anonymous

“GOOGLE, and its subsidiaries, have always been funded by the government. Giving them your personal information will just make it easier for the government to monitor all your activities on the internet. This is the first steps to absolute government control, aka ‘Big Brother’.” anonymous

“I just wanted to set up an iGoogle page for my Mom…I’m not comfortable giving out my number” anonymous [wow Google squeezing family members for phone number to help out elderly people get internet use, not nice]

“Time to go back to Yahoo.” anonymous

“Evil… you will never ever got my phone number.I know what you would gonna do with that, you would sell it for telemarketing. Besides that you will know where I would be every fucking time, tracking me as an animal with ‘google places’. And the worst of all you would publish all my information without any authorization from my part as you did when you launch the fucking ‘google buzz’. G O O G L E IS THE EVIL! OHHH YEAHHHH.” anonymous

“GOOGLE use this info (Cell Phone Number) to track you in real-time. Not only do they know WHO you are, they know EXACTLY where you’ve been. Big Brother just got a whole lot bigger.”

“”I think google will lose its leader place in not more than 1-2 years from now because it starts to break customer’s privacy.” anonymous

“That’s a serious breach of privacy. Google started behaving as if they were the ONLY email provider. That’s not a sensible way to conduct business. If they don’t stop this abuse, I sure wish them to go out of business!” anonymous

Here is the information about Google requiring phone numbers for a free email account:

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17 Responses to Google Email Now Requires a Mobile Telephone Number For Sign-Up

  1. Luke schoen says:


    I have No mobile, and never will.

    This is a poor and undermanaged system which the world would be far better without.


  2. gharrhome says:

    I acknowledge your comment Tahir. Thanks for leaving the very interesting single word:”Tahir” as your comment; and a email name that also seems to be quite interesting. Much appreciated!

    I have left out your email (but it was with yahoo–not surprisingly).

    email–not mentioned here–related to (one of the many named) Kamran basheer.

  3. gharrhome says:

    I acknowledge your message Ant…. message = 470844.

    I decided not to include your email here.

    However this email happens to come from a possibly free account called “,” and while this may seem simple, it’s not.

    Checking resulted in what seems to be several domains names offering email services for “”

    Since only one person or group can own the domain name called “” there must be some new way of handling or redirecting users if more then one person or group owns “” This is new technology to me, but I guess they simply share “,” and redirect based on each particular “name @” to their account.

    I have chosen this website: because typing in redirected me to that website–but you might be redirected to a different website based on where you live for all I know. in reality offers several domain names to use with your email giving you a personalized polish when you send other people your email. “” might be popular in Japan or with the manga/anime fans for example. “” might be handy if you are an engineer.

    Since this is a new way of providing email accounts and services that are customized to you, I would go and check out their reputation from third parties if possible. You can learn more about from them here:

    again thanks for your comment Ant….

  4. Allasom says:

    Google’s insistence that they get their hands on your mobile phone number is nothing more than ‘data-mining’ of more of your personal information. Google has NO interest in its customers other than how much money it can make from them. Their assertions that it is for security/abuse reasons is patently a crock of sh*t. Google just wants your whole life securely stored on a nice big server where it can sell that information to those who can pay for it – and make a nice profit.

    My life is NOT for sale.

    Google couldn’t care less if it loses a few million customers here or there as a result of this signup requirement. There are billions of sheep-minded individuals out there who will gladly, and blindly, give up their privacy if it means they can get access to a new ‘App’ or some new, must-have, piece of social-networking crud.

    But, that’s the world we live in. People reduced to numbers on a balance sheet. Personally, I blame William the Conqueror and his damn Domesday Book for starting this all off. Greedy, powerful people trying to screw the last drop of lifeblood from the least able to afford it.

    Just my thoughts.

  5. gharrhome says:

    Well Google is not the only one that spies on you. Check out my article on this: Stealthy Background Programs & Cookies Collectors You Might Not Know About! What does BlueKai do?

    In my mind it’s getting so easy to be a “sheep” now days that I might even suggest you might be a sheep because you never know what’s monitoring what you do!

    Never the less, it’s good to see you have an opinion on this. Thanks for your comment.

  6. gharrhome says:

    This comment has been moderated:

    Comment made by: dsjaflkjd alsdkfjlkajds
    Website: not repeated here in this edit
    Email: not repeated here in this edit

    “google sucksmy hairy#$%%@. they are evil. i won’t come in their collective #@$%.”

  7. Andy says:

    Yup!..i agree with all of you. Google is a CIA group right now. Are yaw ready to give your position en your personal info? Tracking you from phone,web and satellites? It’s ‘matrix revolution’ time!!!

  8. tayt says:

    GEE, I’m so happy to see how so many people around the world googled ( oops, it’s “yahooed” now ) the sentence ” i will not give my phone number to google” . it’s like everything made sense to me the minute they asked for it. i was like (talking to my computer all alone) ” who the hell do you think you are asking me my phone number ?!. no way i’m not giving you my freaking phone number” ( almost feeling like i had to fight that strange feeling of injustice that suddenly emerged . it’s so creepy and unethical ! i mean how could they think one minute they could push that gigantic elephant down our throat ? especially after all this obama NDAA thing going on, scaring the shit out of every free human being on this earth lol

    • gharrhome says:

      Yes, your information is for sale and sold in bulk… there is no one-to-one in that deal: it’s called data mining and the more they can ID you and your computer, and connect it to what you do on your computer the better the information is to sell to others. Your mobile telephone can also be used to track your movements and other stuff. It’s something we all need to become aware of before anything will be done about it.

      Google might be blatant about it, but many others do this as well–track what you do and where you are (and try and link some sort of ID to that information).

      “If” our privacy is respected, then it might be fun to look up where you traveled last year and share it with friends:

  9. shankar says: a kung fu master

  10. Anti Google says:

    They seem to now be demanding it from users in the United States as well. I guess if you don’t have a mobile number or a land line number you just can’t sign up. What next? Are they going to demand a social security number? Screw Google. No more Google Mail for me. Android and Youtube! are now dead anywhere that an account is required and I’ll try and avoid them. I already dropped Yahoo! and never used Bing. They suck. I’ll find alternatives though. I’ll switch to replicant, cyanogenmod, or something that doesn’t report/require a Google account for Android.

    I found a site that lets you buy freedom friendly and privacy sensitive computers with GNU/Linux:

  11. gharrhome says:

    Google owns YouTube, lol:

    As for Android: “Initially developed by Android Inc, whom Google financially backed and later purchased in 2005.” [ source: wiki accessed 2012: ]

  12. priyakant jena says:


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