Not basing your society around money: The Venus Project; and the Zeitgeist Movement.

If you are just interested in the Zeitgeist Movement, then that section is below The Venus Project section. Thanks for taking a interest in these two topics.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project

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As you may know: The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement have split up.

The Venus Project has a new website and is functioning differently from what it previously did–improved system for visitors, members, and the media who file reports or write about them.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times of change.

This is a pearl-tree that provides some up to date information on The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement:

The Venus Project

What you can do

a lot of people come to The Venus Project and feel that they must share information though words only; this is not true, ideas can be shared through words or actions. That is if you are doing things, or working on projects, those activities might catch peoples interests, and that is a good time to share information about The Venus Project—especially if The Venus Project inspired you to go out and do something for your community or the world’s people.

Check out:



Possibly a independent look at The Venus Project–by a supporter of the Resource Based Economy

These videos are difficult to explain at the moment. They existed when the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project were considered to be joined as one organization. Later on the two organizations split and this persons videos were left adrift–but the author might be wrong about this. You could consider them an independent look at what The Venus Project is about–but this person does support the basic principals of The Venus Project. The videos are very interesting and well worth watching.

Awakening (Part 1 of 4)

Awakening (Part 2 of 4)

Awakening (Part 3 of 4)

Awakening (Part 4 of 4)

The Venus Project

One interesting fact about The Venus Project is that it depends on a non-interpretable-language ([1] to be used by all the world’s population. Also all national boundaries will cease to exist producing a world-wide community (that has no government, armies or laws).

The Venus Project has no government, laws, armies, shops or money. People get supplied all the basics they need from supply points for free, and anything extra is not considered as property that you own. Thus if item is not being used, it can simply be checked back into the supply system for example.

All people in the future will live in cities that have a world model. This requires a world-wide uninterrupted communications system with data (about the resources of the world and other things) from all over the world being available to all people. People will understand exactly how much resources are available to them and the exact details about that service or product using a new non-interpretative-language.

Here is a very simplified example of various data about the entire world being displayed for you in one place, it is called a world resource clock [website]:

“When we are forced to volunteer because we can’t find work, then something is wrong with our society and there need to be a change. When jobs and training are created for just the sake of someone else’s political convenience and not out of need, then our society is in serious trouble. PERHAPS IT’S TIME TO EVALUATE IF WE REALLY NEED MONEY TO RUN OUR SOCIETY.”

Critics may criticize, but only when they give a solution also does it count; fear mongering to hold a course that is leading us to sink into misery is not helpful.

The idea that “The Venus Project” is a capitalist or communist idea is wrong because both use money…however, this system does not use money!!!

The fundamental unit of our modern world is the city. I have talked about this unit myself and realize it’s significance in today’s world, but most of us may be unaware about things like how cities interact with energy, information and resource flows.

The Venus Project aims at being more politically powerful then all the governments in the world. Any government or political party thinking in monetary terms about this task would set aside trillions of dollars in funds. There is even a very strong movement to not have a single world government ( regardless of if it is capitalist, communist, a mixture or some other forms of government). One might ask: how can The Venus Project achieve this task without help from all of us–and you would have just answered the question there and then.

Because of the scale of what The Venus Project is attempting, anyone criticizing it on monetary terms would have to do so on a basis of:

Significance of money being used inappropriately= total-thought-to-be-used-wrongly/1000 trillion dollars.

This example is just a guess by me but I wanted you to get a feel for exactly the scale of what they are trying to do to prevent petty arguments that try to bring the whole thing down based on minor amounts of money (based on the scale that they are working on: I mean you would not judge your countries efforts based on what was done with just $1,000,000 dollars because that amount of money has no meaning on a national scale).

You might assume that The Venus Project and its founders would have political ambitions, but you would be wrong: they have no political aspirations because they believe under their system there will be no government or people making laws.

What is more amazing about The Venus Project is how they will bring about change. They depend on the monetary system failing at some future date. At this time the governments of the world will offer the people of the world a single solution: that a dictatorship will solve all our problems. The Venus Project has been developed to let people know ahead of time that there is another option, and that system will work without the use of money.

Nor is The Venus Project a static idea. It states on its own website that it is “actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions.” Our current governments do exactly the same, they also do not stay with a static idea about how our society should be run; except our current government finds it difficult not to include money as part of their core decision-making!!!

The Venus Project website states that

The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.”

With The Venus Project, human rights are not just some statement on a piece of paper, it is integrated into the very operation our society and industries.

There are currently two broad movements on earth. One is we stay put on earth for eternity and don’t waste the resources we are given. The other is we expand into space and gain more resources and energy in the process. The Venus Project seems to cater for both. The staying put scenario is catered for by expansion into the seas and oceans.

Our current monetary system is not capable of providing a high standard of living for everyone

Why do I support these people? The answer is that I do not!!! I came up with what this organization is saying independently on my own. I know without a doubt that the core things they say have a ring of truth about them because I have thought of the same thing. It is like meeting an old friend that I already know well. They support my ideas, not the other way round 😀

What they propose is going to be difficult to implement and with our current resource use  we are seeing a non-abundance of selected materials and energy sources. That does not mean that the current system based on money is the better alternative. Money based decisions have failed us and The Venus Project can not say enough about that!

The evolution of humanity to think in a certain way and the fact that energy, resources and the population level may have limits may indeed make us blinded and unable to see what problems our combined actions and decisions will cause to our earths resources & biosphere. The Venus Project would use a non-interpretive-language to reduce this effect and force us to see what is really happening to the world.

The Venus Project hints at the possibility that our biology may affect the way we think and make decisions when they say the human mind is not understood. They like governments all over the world must try to guess how this possibility must be dealt with.

The Venus Project says that if we are brought up in a different way, our thoughts about the world will also be different–but if there is some biological basis to our thoughts about reproduction, energy and resource use this may not be entirely true.

However, The Venus Project uses a world model in each city which is combined with a non-interpretive-language–this forms a sort of natural-law for the people who live in this future.

This type of set-up would  form a backup to our-biological-wiring or personal biases to tell us when what we think on a local scale might not work on a global scale and would predict the effect of such decisions on both a local and global scale.

Since the future is open to interpretation and speculation, I am unsure how well a non-interpretive-language would handle this. No doubt the researchers and designers of this non-interpretive-language will need to take this into account. Certainly our ability to predict the future and track our predictions progress has improved as new technologies and theories have come into play (for example chaos theory).

We may go into space: <a href="; target="_blank"

We may expand into the seas and oceans:

The Zeitgheist Movement

The Zeitgheist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement

Possibly the most astounding thing about the Zeitgeist Movement is that they appear to be encouraging social change immediately, regardless of if the monetary system has had a serious failure or not.

Moving Forward Movie

As you may know: The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement have split up.

The Zeitgeist Movement is currently [2011] undergoing some negotiations with The Venus Project. In the past they were like a publicity arm of The Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement’s current status is unknown at the present moment. Here is a pearltree for The Zeitgeist Movement: News about the negotiations between the two organizations are here:

Normally this article would not mention the Zeitgeist Movement when describing The Venus Project; however it’s clear from from the authors own experience and statements from Jacque Fresco (from The Venus Project) that not all supporters of the Zeitgeist Movement know anything about The Venus Project (at a time when both organizations were considered to be joined as one organization).

However the Zeitgeist Movement is now a separate organization after the split and it’s worth taking a good look at who they are right now.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [2011] by director Peter Joseph

The above video–ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD–was made before the split but may give away some information about Peter Joseph (the creator or founder of the Zeitgeist Movement–but not the leader of the Zeitgeist Movement because the organization has no leaders).

The main voice we hear in the video ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD is that of Peter Joseph. In fact Peter Joseph was also the director of the video.

In a radio interview/talk Peter Joseph talks about how The Venus Project is just a title… and the Zeitgeist Movement can create a data set on how our world in a technical way can move towards a resource based economy. With this data set: when people are searching for answers the Zeitgeist Movement can provide presentations and answers as required.

In fact, Peter Joseph has perhaps generalized the word “resource based economy” to a more generalized “efficient social design.” This is probably an attempt to give the creative people at the Zeitgeist Movement a chance to explore and create new things without needing to feel bound by The Venus Project’s ideas, inventions and models.

The author suspects that Peter Joseph has not only followed the ideas, inventions and dare I say theories of Jacque Fresco but is now getting glimpses of a possible specific version of a world society that will be better then it is today.

Peter Joseph hints at this vision when he says there really is no Zeitgeist Movement, “become the change you want to be:” it’s really our value systems that need to change–and once our value systems change the Zeitgeist Movement will cease to exist. The author says “this vision,” because Peter Joseph is asking everyone to contribute to the technical details that will help us move towards this new set of values.

You can get more information about the Zeitgeist Movement here:

The effect of the split with The Venus Project seems to have upset the members of the Zeitgeist Movement. However the long term effect currently seems to be insignificant. This is not unexpected given the power and size of the Zeitgeist Movement.

If anything, there seems to be a buzz of excitement and joy over new technologies and new ways for new ways for people to interact that are regularly presented at the meetings. This is certainly not surprising since the Zeitgeist Movement is still focused on spreading information and encouraging social change.

The members of the Zeitgeist Movement are also very keen to get involved with new  projects that are designed to get information to people about what the Zeitgeist Movement is about; and for the possibility of gaining new members.

Speculation of the future directions of the Zeitgeist Movement

The ideas of The Venus Project are being implemented in the Zeitgeist Movement, but also other ideas are also being considered. The author would suppose the Zeitgeist Movement is not only communicating information, but it’s actively finding new ways to encouraging and implement social change with-in the organization itself and on a world wide level.

The Zeitgeist Movement is also seeking out new alliances with other people and organizations as it is an independent organization now and no longer needs to worry about the restrictions that might be placed on its activities because of, and out of respect for The Venus Project.

Given the sheer size of the Zeitgeist Movement, it’s quite possible for the core values–currently based on The Venus Project–to be rapidly advanced upon, such that much improved models that closely integrate (in a tested and workable way) the latest cutting edge ideas of technology and theories available to us right now.

To most of us the invention of something new or improvement and variation (considered to be a invention if the variation is significantly different) of existing inventions is complex and abstract.

The question is: will the Zeitgeist Movement eventually invent their own version of a resource based economy or will they remain an organization that simply spreads information that helps encourage social change?

End Notes

[1] Non-Interpretable language (can only be interpreted in one way) or descriptive universal language (term used by The Venus Project:


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  1. I think its a very creative way to plan for a sustainable future, no doubt there are issues to be reolved but we have to start somewhere 😀
    Thought you might like my machinima film,
    To The Venus Project

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

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