Antwaan Music

You can find Antwaan on the net: and he does some really fun, strange and even nice music 🙂

Face book:



I have also produced a pearltree for Antwaan music:

Antwaan – Camera (Editors cover) [song/music]:

Antwaan – Seeds of Gold (AaRON cover) [song/music]:

Aaron is a group based in France and they are very popular. Lets hope they become popular in other countries also. Here is some links to them:

This a new song by Antwaan and this may open a new chapter in his music, and it is hoped that it will be a epic one. Voice = New Music Instrument 😉

Antwaan – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover) — Antwaan does a unique interpretation of this song and explores the properties of a new instrument (his voice as a main feature). Well done, but would have liked a backing singer on this as I think that would complete it!  😉

I found this video very relaxing to listen to: “Antwaan – Paparazzi (Lady Gaga cover):”

And here is the “hey surfer Dude” Antwaan – Misirlou vs Tetris (Dick Dale cover) :

And this one is a very relaxing piano tune:

This reasonable sized project lasts 11 minutes and is quite good background music. It varies in various ways and so helps you keep your focus on your work. It is also unusual in that it includes song and music. Antwaan – Mother Allegra/Blow (Ghinzu cover):

Another nice background type music lasting 8 minutes. This one has a very natural feel to it, like it is directly connected to nature. A steady stream of music that is very soothing. Antwaan – Utopian Eschatology:

This one has a really nice sound-scape: Antwaan – Pieces Form The Whole/The Social Network Theme (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross) [music]:

This is too cool, Antwaan does sing, I didn’t know that. I included this video to prove it is true: Antwaan – Make It Wit Chu (Queens of the Sone Age cover)

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2 Responses to Antwaan Music

  1. antwaanmusic says:

    Thanks alot for this nice article you did about me and my work!
    Take care!

    • gharrhome says:

      Wow, thanks for your comment Antwann, I feel honored that a music star like yourself would leave a comment here. I’m very glad you approve of my work, it means a lot.

      I hope your music and artistic images get out to a ever increasing audience because your work rocks in my opinion XD

      But most of all, just right now, I hope you get well and live a full and rich life that you deserve. My best wishes to you.

      Gharr (staying in the background and promoting you because that the least you deserve )

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