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Wolf Conservation

The easiest way to control the wolf is to leave it alone, and kill the creatures it eats–because those are the creatures you will have to deal with if you kill off the wolf.

Nature is not kind to the wolf; it goes hungry when not enough food is around. The simplest way to solve this is through restricting the reproduction of wolves, and tracking their movements. Wolves also roam–so a park need to be large enough to handle that or be landscaped to control the wolves movements–costly, but tourism might pay back big for such efforts.

While the wolf is considered as game (allowed to be hunted and killed) there will always be a conflict in letting the wolves breed over numbers that are really needed in a area, commercial gains versus the conservation of the wolf. While it’s sad to see wolves killed by the hundreds or thousands, as long as the wolf is considered as a commercial product, this is what is going to happen unfortunately–all those shiny guns and related equipment add to that commercial incentive of using the wolf as a product.

Is there an alternative to hunting? yes there is, it’s called tourism and tourism can add dollars to many other businesses that are not located in a park protecting things like plants, animals, and wolves.

Wolf conservation is a world wide issue. While predators can be a nuisance to things like live stock, and if they become used to being fed by humans they loose their fear of humans and this can also lead serious problems. Add in climate change and the resultant change in animals behavior and things get real complex–the increase of polar bears cannibalizing each other for example: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-16081214 [accessed 2012]

The idea of conserving wolves for hunting is not probably a good view to take. Wolves and other predators should be looked at as the way nature works to control populations of animals–this evolution has occurred over a very long time (over the span of a hundred million years plus).

Take out the Wolf, and the web of life starts to spin out of control as new balance is of nature is worked out, often resulting in the overpopulation of grazing creatures for example–that now might be the new pest for farmers, or urban areas. Worse, the web of life is interconnected, taking one creature out can cause a chain of extinctions.

US Legislative Action Threatens Wolf Survival – What YOU can do [article]: http://nywolf.org/news/whats-new/78-legislative-action-threatens-wolf-survival

Wolf Conservation Center (WCC): 501c3 organization that promotes wolf conservation by teaching about wolves [article]: http://nywolf.org/

Shortened link to article: Wolf [picture]: http://wp.me/s10Tww-wolf, also animal conservation: http://pear.ly/bmSGL

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