The Guitar-Girl Gets to Eat Her Cake too ;-)

Quote: “Girls playing the guitar that well should be illegal, us guy can’t compete.”

She’s Gone

Shortened link to this video: She’s Gone [e-guitar music]:

Kill the King

Shortened link to this video: Kill the King [e-guitar music]:

bunch of disks


Shortened link to this video: 姫に憧れてRIOTのTHUNDERSTEELを弾いてみた [e-guitar music]:

Fool for Your Loving

Shortened link to this video: Fool for Your Loving [e-guitar music]:


Shortened link to this video: HungryDays [e-guitar music]:

Guns N’ RosesのYou could be mineを弾いてみた

Guns N’ RosesのYou could be mineを弾いてみた [e-guitar music]:

No More Tears – Ozzmozzy Ozzy Cover

This video is included here in honor of that guitarist who says it’s their mission to make metal popular–but this person’s video has been removed for some reason… a real pity really… it was a real work of guitar art in motion…

Shortened link to this video: No More Tears – Ozzmozzy Ozzy Cover [Song/Music]:


Shortened link to this video: メタル布教活動としてS.A.T.O.のギターを弾いてみた [e-guitar music]:

Mr. Crowley

Shortened link to this video: Mr. Crowley [e-guitar music]:

Shortened link to this article: The Guitar-Girl Gets to Eat Her Cake too 😉

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