Green Screen To Make Videos

This fellow seems to do the green screen thing in quite an entertaining way:

Projected Instruments:

Shortened link to this video: Projected Instruments [music]:

Desert Duel:

Shortened link to this video: Desert Duel [music]:

Future Rock Band:

Shortened link to this video: Future Rock Band [music]:

One Man Band:

Shortened link to this video: One Man Band [music]:

Aimbot (very funny, but has violent scenes of a first person shooter game):

Shortened link to this video: Hey that guy is cheating, he’s using auto-aim (Aimbot) [video, first person shooter]:

Here Wiki explains how blue screen or green screen technology works: “Chroma key compositing (or chroma keying) is a technique for compositing two images or frames together in which a color (or a small color range) from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it.”

Some people make more than one image against a Chroma key screen background.

Essentially each image is surrounded by transparent material.

Each of these images (that are surrounded by transparent material) are then placed onto a background image (without any chroma key screen background).

This means that one person would appear to be-able to be in more than one place at the same time. On the other hand, someone half way around the world could appear to be right next to you–for instance–on a video.

This technology is very handy for musicians, because the band members can exist all over the world and yet look like they come together to play as a band on a video!

Additional information about chroma key

Because this article is far from complete, there is another article that goes into chroma key (blue screen and green screen) that you might be interested; it is called |_O)/♫ Lighting, Green Screen & Video Making:


Shortened link to article: ☆ Green Screen To Make Videos [article]:

Shortened link to this article: ☆ Green Screen To Make Videos [article]:

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