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Uchpa – Chachaschay : The AC/DC of South America

Uchpa – Chachaschay : The AC/DC of South America Continue reading

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El baile de los que sobran Los Prisioneros : The dance of those on prisoners

The dance of those on prisoners, Los Prisioneros Continue reading

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Holes- Original Song by Johnny deppritus

Holes by Johnny deppritus Continue reading

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Modern Andes Style Music and possibly beyond that

Modern Andes Style Music and possibly beyond that Continue reading

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Some of the strange stuff that is coming out about quark stars

Quark star, additional infromation. Continue reading

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EMERGY: General systems theory–Energy Systems Language

Emergy is the available energy (exergy) of one kind that is used up in transformations directly and indirectly to make a product or service (dollars does not always take this into account) Continue reading

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Inform, is an implementation of natural language programming (used by authors of books also)

Natural Languages, Inform 7, authors and possibly a machine super spy that could hurt every human being in this world. Continue reading

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Hackety Hack (Based on Ruby) computer language

Hackety Hack  is a free Ruby-based environment aiming to make learning programming easy for beginners, especially teenagers. You can down load it for free at these websites: Here is some information about Ruby: Tweet this: Hackety Hack … Continue reading

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Hash tags and what they mean

Tags Continue reading

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Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, & Poetry

Poetry Continue reading

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