Business and cash inflow

Payment Methods:

  1. Checks
  2. Debit Card
  3. Credit Card
  4. Direct Debit (initiated by payee)
  5. Direct Credit (initiated by payer), ACH in US and GIRO in Europe
  6. Wire Transfer (local and international)
  7. Electronic bill payments using Internet banking
  8. Online payment services (examples are PayPal and WorldPay)

Wire Transfer is a deposit directly into your bank account (Most international transfers are executed through SWIFT)

Money Orders via Western Union for example. Here is their site and it uses SWIFT. Thus Money Orders and Postal Orders might be considered as wire transfers also.

Postal Order is used internally in Australia and is called Money Orders. The postal system in Australia uses Western Union to send money overseas.

The US Postal Service “money order” doesn’t connect with Australia for example and thus it seems that Western Union will have to be specified for example in such cases.

PayPal have their own branded pre-paid card which can be “topped-up” using a PayPal account, Pay-Points and at the Post Office. The topping up options of an account is not always something that is easy to find.

Paper Check payment is becoming less common due to electronic card payments

This is only a guide based on reference material.

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