Individual work vs world wide collaborative works in music

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Gharr is going into Hiatus, and the branding statement may change significantly in the future—and it is even possible that WordPress, and Twitter might not be mainline products and services used by Gharr!

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This section expands on some of the examples of the type of stuff I like to promote as mentioned in my branding document:

While I appreciate the fact that individuals make the effort to produce music on the internet, there is also a good chance to do collaborative works with others. Here I try and show some examples of the type of music I think is a step above other work.

I realize that the “market” may find this shifting terrain of members of bands dependant on the piece being played–just a bunch of world-wide friends playing stuff they like–a little strange. But this might get you world-wide notice in ways that are not possible normally and to play stuff you would only normally dream of. As the audience we appreciate a quality piece of music done with enthusiasm.

Here is some more collaborative bands that work over the internet or lone people who do the multitrack equivalent:

メタル布教活動としてHungryDaysのギターを弾いてみた : As a missionary I play metal guitar HungryDays:

メルト-Band Edition~halyosy&歌和サクラ(MELT, a japanese song)

TRUTH セッション

一人で情熱大陸とかセッションしてみた , “I [have a] passion for the[reality–costume–based] continent or in person sessions:”

I love this person, I like to think of him or her as the “horse person” 🙂

This is a new twist to the horse person, here we have the rabbit people:

ひとりで「ルパン三世」を演奏してみた。【 Lupin the 3rd :

Devildom String Orchestra ” 銀の意志 金の翼 ” [The Legend of Heroes VI ]

These people are not acting as a group here, but they are kind of famous people to me:

【バイオリン】「黄燐の炎」をバイオリンで弾いてみました【ウサコ】:[Violin], “Flame of yellow phosphorus,” I tried to play the violin; Usako;

This one makes me cry for some reason…

俺の嫁がTEST&海賊王両氏のTRUTHセッションにベースで参加させてもらった: My daughter-TRUTH TEST & Sea King asked both men to participate in a session-based:



メタル布教活動としてjet to jetのギターを弾いてみた: As a jet to jet mission I play metal guitar:

Shortened link to this article: Individual work vs world wide collaborative works in music:


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