Branding, what am I about when it comes to music and communication in general:

Gharr’s Hiatus 2017, August, On-wards [article]: (◕ω◕)

Gharr is going into Hiatus, and the branding statement may change significantly in the future—and it is even possible that WordPress, and Twitter might not be mainline products and services used by Gharr!


“Don’t bother arguing that I’m not supporting the right type of music, ‘If a kid auto-tuned his dogs bark and sang to it, I would be amazed and think it’s awesome’ and that’s a fact.”

Picture of Abney_Park_(band)

Abney Park (band)

I do like to play a lot of music here in word-press and even on twitter. Some people may take this choice of music as an indication of what kind of bands and music I promote. So when I play bands like Abney Park, they can only conclude that I have lost the plot.

1)  I don’t just promote music, I promote a whole bunch of things ranging from programming computers, science, space exploration, the space elevator, Helium-3, going back to the Moon, the international space station, particle physics, CERN,  role-playing games, game design, art, fashion and so on. Abney Park belongs to the Steam Punk genre and yes I think their music is awesome for that reason alone.

2) I also promote website-design, businesses, volcaloids, site-pal, auto-tune and a whole bunch of stuff that will help you entertain others and present a fun profile to others who read your stuff and communicate with you. If a kid auto-tuned his dogs bark and sang to it, I would be amazed and think it’s awesome and probably better then any of U2’s stuff (well, unless he too has a song out to the tune of a dog barking…).

3) I like to appeal to the widest possible audience. That means I often end up not sharing stuff that might be acceptable in many places, or all places in the world. This is a very long topic and more details can be found here: ☆ The legitimate(?) stuff I reject [article]:

4) I use this site and even twitter for market research. I don’t want to talk about, or promote myself. I want to talk about you and promote your stuff. This is a learning experience for me that will, and is helping me develop my own business. I never had to define myself as a brand before and wow now I have–awesome!!!

5) I like to be entertaining, and being a performer (a host, speaker, guide, facilitator, moderator, and even a consultant), but sometimes that means just standing back, and letting the show go on, which is totally okay, it’s part of being a good host. “Let the stars shine if they want to.”

6) More information about Gharr’s branding can be found here: Individual work vs world wide collaborative works in music:

7) Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]:

I suppose ‘Branding” reflects the need to say, yes I do want to promote you, but I can’t mask my interests and enthusiasm for various material even when I avoid taking the stage and lime-light myself. This word-press document and my tweets need to have some form, a reflection of aspects of who I am and a structure behind them. Otherwise the thing that makes my posts interesting would be featureless and boring.

Finally, I’m not about knocking the quality of your music and art! I want you (well everyone) to make your videos & music (hopefully using vocaloid software, Miku and Auto-Tune if you can not sing so good).  I would also love to see you dancing and singing with a life sized Miku, but I suppose we all can’t be Miku fans (I will always think Miku looks cuter then you, sorry).

★ How To: Autotune Your Voice & Vocals in Audacity [video]:

★ Using Auto-Tune in Fun Ways (Song + Vlog) [video]]:

Oh, here is a video showing someone dancing with Miku (she is the cute one with the blue hair  ♥♥♥ ):

Also get with the times creative people, you no longer have to do that solo with one instrument; now you can do a collaboration with others that you have never met over the internet!!! Look these people did it:

Here are some cool people who did a the equivalent of a multitrack recoding of themselves:

  • Do What You Want – Nataly Dawn covers OK Go


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  1. Iva Agueda says:

    I like this post a lot. I’ll certainly be back again. Hope that I will be able to go through more helpful posts then. Will probably be sharing your wisdom with all of my friends!

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