Steam Punk exists in a different time-line/universe from us

But obviously some have ended up in our time line and here is one complaining about digital technology:

The Cog is Dead – “The Death of the Cog”

In steam punk, all is not well though, I think they have it good here. I mean there are Airship Pirates (Pirates that often use steam-driven balloons).

And I mean, in their world the emperor still rules the roost, how horrible:

Where they depend on a thin line of heroes to hold the line: “Abney Park – Death of the Hero remastered – Steampunk music:”

And to cap it all off, there is the “clock [work] yard” It’s too horrible to talk about, they build those hulking monsters there that have no soul: “Abney Park – The Clock Yard live – Steampunk music:”

Those clockwork yards are horrible, this is the kind of thing that happens there as the workers suffer the new age. That kinda explains why they get chucked over to our time line:

You can complain all you like steam punk people, I think I’ll just stay in this time-line thank you very much.

Though, in hindsight, I suppose the steampunk-men will miss the girls in goggles who can fix a steam-punk machine:

As for the author of this article:

“I always imagined that Steampunk would take over the entire universe.

Of course there was a time when we thought we were alone in this big old universe and only our solar system was all that counted.

In those days our single solar-system was simply popping with alien life forms on every planet, some moons, and even here on earth after they invaded us or perhaps were here all along—but we never noticed them!

Fortunately, you can’t criticize my imagination this time as Robert Rankin has also imagined such a crazy universe—yay!”

If your into Steampunk, then you might want to read this book:

  • The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and other Unnatural Attractions by Robert Rankin.
  • Published by Gollancz, London [2010].
  • ISBN 978-0-575-07873-4

“if you’ve not read a Rankin before, this book may a good place to start:”

“I’d never read any of Rankin’s previous work, but I’d recommend this book to anyone:”

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