Can’t Change The World–yes it sometimes feels like that.

This song shows some of the rough edges of our society.

Song By: Shy-Anne Hovorka and Jordan Elcheson

Directed By: Matt Popowich – Westfort Films

Produced By: Rob Benvegnu

Her voice is incredible. when she sings, it reminds me of a train on the move, she is a force that can’t be stopped, changing the world would be easy for a voice like that!

You can connect with this group: . And make shure your check out the song “Pseudo”. She also provides other sample songs.

Also see , and she is still keeping it real: “who are we? what have we become? we fight over minor laws.”

“The biggest dream for Shy-Anne is that her music will help others understand life, and realize they are not alone. Especially the children that are in foster care. She also wants Educators, Parents, Foster Parents, Children’s Aid and care-givers know how much they can impact one life, and how that one life can in turn hopefully impact many others in a positive way thanks to their love and determination.”


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Supporting Native American Music and Voting for Shy-anne Hovorka and her songs

You can vote for ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka ‘s songs here: This voting is a regular event.

Shortened version of the above vote for a song: You can vote for ♬ @ShyAnneHovorka ‘s songs here: This voting is a regular event.

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