Steam Punk

Steam Punk from the computer game Rise Of Legends

Steam Punk according to Rise of Legends

Rise of legends shows women not as repressed, but as heroes: one of them is a hero of a magical kingdom and another a pirate pilot: “Lenora returns to Pirata to prepare her armies [steam punk]”

For some more art work from Rise Of Legends look here.

According to wikipedia, steam-punk “is a sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction.”

Bioshock Computer Game

Bioshock Computer Game

Also the computer game Bioshock (horror game type) has steam punk influences in its art. In fact this is a quote from Wikipedia:

“The underwater city of Rapture. Bioshock’s game design drew on Art Deco and Steampunk for much of its imagery.”

Finally, miniature (board) games (and thus by definition RPG games who often borrow figures from other games) might see steam punk in this way: Steampunk in Miniature

Steam Punk like Miniatures

Steam Punk like Miniatures

Some might say battletech has steam punk in it. I would not consider those battletech vehicles as steam punk, but more like modern/futuristic giant walkers with neural net interfaces.

As for the author of this article:

“I always imagined that Steampunk would take over the entire universe.

Of course there was a time when we thought we were alone in this big old universe and only our solar system was all that counted.

In those days our single solar-system was simply popping with alien life forms on every planet, some moons, and even here on earth after they invaded us or perhaps were here all along—but we never noticed them!

Fortunately, you can’t criticize my imagination this time as Robert Rankin has also imagined such a crazy universe—yay!”

If your into Steampunk, then you might want to read this book:

  • The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and other Unnatural Attractions by Robert Rankin.
  • Published by Gollancz, London [2010].
  • ISBN 978-0-575-07873-4

“if you’ve not read a Rankin before, this book may a good place to start:”

“I’d never read any of Rankin’s previous work, but I’d recommend this book to anyone:”

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  1. Wonderful web-site, exactly where did you observed this information in this article? I am glad I found it. i am going to be checking out back soon to check what other articles you are able to have.

    • gharrhome says:

      I searched the internet for references and I have my own personal experience of Steam Punk and related material mentioned here. I have done several articles on steam punk here so feel free to look around.

  2. gharrhome says:

    All my pictures and key words and quotes are linked to their sources, I think the sources of great information and pictures deserve to be credited.

  3. Gregorio Durphey says:

    Obviously agrees as to what you could explained. I convey back, I typically get irked whenever others examine topics how they obviously aren’t privy to. You’re able to hit the nail on the pinnacle and furthermore discussed out every thing without complication. people will take a signal.

    • gharrhome says:

      Thank you for the compliment.

      Steam punk is a bigger then me and I will never really know everything about it.

      My research on this subject turned up some surprises that I knew nothing about and I am sure there are many more if I looked into the subject further.

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  5. gharrhome says:

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