Milow – Ayo Technology [The Human-Machine Interface]

This video has some adult content. However that is not why I chose it. In a way The Internet–the machine–is like a thing that is always there ready to engage at any time. I think in an abstract way it is this song that captures that strange relationship between human and machine.

If you remove the information from the equation, what is there? You are essentially sitting in front of a piece of glass, metal and silicon chips. I’d fall asleep with boredom in 15 minutes. Yet we all know this machine interface can keep us engaged and interested for tens of hours if we allow it.

Certainly, there is something powerful in our nature that the computer taps into and that’s why the human-machine interface is so strong!

Here is probably the real singer doing her stuff:

Picture of Katrine Avgoustakis

Katrine Avgoustakis, the lady that sings: Ayo Technology

While Katrine Avgoustakis sings this song much better and the music is more enjoyable, the song itself does not strike the human-machine interface vibe that Milow does. I can not say exactly why this is so. The two songs are almost identical, but the video’s are miles apart.

Shortened link to this post: Milow and Katrine Avgoustakis both sing versions of the “Ayo Technology” song:,

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