Video Game Language (ViGL) Your Prayers Have Been Answered, plus Video gamer music by Christine Rage

Game specific languages are easier to use, allow for rapid development of games, but are supposedly less flexible.

More flexible languages like C++ however are often disadvantaged by requiring you to add extra stuff to make it a functional games development platform.

ViGL is a game specific language: lets you get into the development without the steep learning curve and time involved to develop the basic software code. I suspect that some of these game languages can also be customized using a more general purpose language.

“Game developers can use this language to immediately begin creating a game rather than having to first create foundational components. ViGL encompasses elements like graphics, sound playback, user input events, etc, and also provides object constraint events, such as collision detection. The language must be extendable to keep up with the state of the art and specific needs of each game. ViGL gives developers the ability to quickly prototype an entire game and provides a solid base for building up a game to a final product.”

I suppose if you are reading this, then you are intelligent enough to know that not all download sites are safe, so take care before you commit to press that download button.

Gamer Background Music (and possibly good in game music)

This is a lady that seems to be extremely skilled at producing quality background music for computer games and gamers. While she may not have produced this music specifically for games, her music does strike a chord with gamers.

Here’s some music that I think would not only go down well in the game environment , but also for when you are programming for hours on end and need that special background music that only a musician like Christine Rage can produce:

Electro Groove

There is no video with this: ~ @Christine_Rage plays Electro Groove [electronic music]:

The Alarm music

This next track of music would be good for games like Dead-Space and Half-Life because it has an alarm or siren like sound-scape. I would love to see some game company pick this up and us it in the in-game environment.

~ @Christine_Rage plays Get You High [“Dead-Space & Half-Life: The Alarm”, Music]:

Shortened link to this video: ~ @Christine_Rage plays Get You High [“Dead-Space & Half-Life: The Alarm”, Music]:

The Time has Come

This next one is designed as a intro for TV, or film. It’s the kind of music that would go well in a RPG game that has some mystery or suspense in it. I could even imagine this music would sound nice in a puzzle game with lots of background ambient music like Riven:

~ @Christine_Rage plays The Time Has Come [nice for TV, Films or as intro or in-game music]:

Shortened link to this video: ~ @Christine_Rage plays The Time Has Come [nice for TV, Films or as intro or in-game music]:

Contacting Christine Rage

If you’re a game company, film director, TV-movie maker or just a desperado gamer who needs some good music got go with all the gear, here’s some contact details for Christine Rage:


Shortened link to this post: Video Game Language (ViGL) Your Prayers Have Been Answered:, +music by @Christine_Rage #programmer

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