Dead Space 2 (PC horror game) Review

Dead Space-1 was a nerve-racking noise filled environment with monster attacks at regular intervals. It had some disturbing scenery—where there was no action—that gives an indication of just how terrifying the current starship environment really is.

These no-action areas with eerie sound scapes leave us in no doubt about the feelings of original crew that were killed or changed into something worse, and there is always a feeling that an attack or an even more horrible sight could happen at any moment.

Dead Space-2 takes place in a location called the sprawl. Unlike the starship of Dead Space-1 the environment of the Sprawl is more open. The improved noise-scape makes the game more scary and monsters remain the much the same, Lots of gore and some scenes that are very disturbing. Expect to take time out not because you need it, but rather because you will have nightmares if you don’t!

Dead Space 2: Official Launch Trailer

Shortened link to video: Dead Space 2: Official Launch Trailer [a video]:

The intro story line is better as you struggle to survive while having to do without weapons for quite some time. However the overall story-line is weaker making the gamer feel that there is a lack of reason to what goes on in the game world—Its just one action scene after another.


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