Brink (first person shooter PC game)

How this game rates based on scores out of ten

  • Overall Score: 6 — mostly due to short single player game and seemingly no multiplayer internet games (even though the game itself is fun, does allow for internet multiplayer games and it should be more popular then it appears).
  • Multi-player Internet Games: 0 — does not seem to seem to have strong online support. A great disappointment because the game is quite good.
  • Character Customization: 7 — the character face and clothing customization makes the game more fun and special, but to get weapon customization through challenges  (especially weapons customization) is a little annoying. Most games do use challenges, but they are done during multiplayer combat.
  • Combat: 10 — the combat is fun, but also very different from other games; this is what makes Brink special.
  • Game environment: 7 — the environment is very good, but many games like this have a set number of maps and that often annoys multiplayer internet gamers who want a larger number of maps.
  • Game Interface & controls: 8 — quite good and also a little unusual. Totally love the sound and visual effects of when the character as it slides along the ground.
  • Single Player Game: 5 — a little short. Still quite fun though.

Brink a first person shooter that has been designed for a multiplayer environment:

You can customize your character:

Brink Body Types

Light body types can stay up high and take out 1 or 2 opponents at a time; the opponents should be shot from the side or from behind whenever possible. Light body types should never be in front & on the same level as the opponent as they are killed easily. Lights body types should try and get extra armor or health if possible. Remember that light body types are the only ones that can use walls to assist them to get to another surface.

Heavy body types should have a secondary long range weapon–unless only close range fighting is expected. They can single-handily hold choke points and as a spy midi-gun the entire opposing team. Heavy body types also have more chance of completing objectives while under fire as they can take more damage. Heavy body types are quite good at frontal assaults but lack speed and the ability to get past obstacles as easily as a medium or light body type can.

Finally, some of you may aim your weapons (rather then firing from the hip) or may use a sniper rifle in a similar manner. Unfortunately in multilayer games those characters that have the perk “Combat Intuition” will see a yellow marker appear on you or in your direction and you will be become visible on radar as well: Thus if you want to play a light body type with a sniper rifle, then you could find yourself with some real difficulties as you are very easy to spot after you take aim–since many players will probably choose the Combat Intuition perk.

If you are a medium or heavy body type you can use a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon: However heavy body types will probably be tempted to use medium weapons as a secondary.

This is the year 2045 with competing factions competing for dominance. SMART allows your character to navigate difficult terrain.

Here is some game-play:

This is quite a fun video series where a team of friends talk through the game. Normally in a multiplayer game excessive talk can be irritating, but this group is quite fun to listen to. In the final missions the group does stress a bit and the comments are less fun. I have picked out Three of my favorites from the series here:

Brink walk-through HD Part 1: The Introduction

Team play interaction here “What are we suppose to do with this door? why are we guarding it if we have to blow it up? What the hell just happened to you? Medic! Medic! Medic!”:

Some pointers on game play.

Brink is a true multiplayer game with character and weapon customization. It requires the members to work together to achieve objectives. A good place to go to understand the basics of the game is the official website:

The in game experience is punctuated by periods of no action where the player is either defending or moving to a new position. Moving to a new position is not relaxing as all sorts of traps, and ambushes could occur at any moment; and come from any direction.

Combat is a mixture of the constant chatter of machine gun fire, bullets flying by, ricocheting bullets, and grenade explosions–that stun or deafen you on occasions. Being blinded by a flash grenade is not a good feeling–where was that cover again?

The in game world is quite detailed and very nice to look at; except it can be hard to sight see–the above comment about moving to a new position explains why.

Character Customization

Players have said that in a multiplayer game, this feature really makes the game stand out. It is totally worth the time it takes to customize your character. The face and tattoos can not be changed later on in the game, so take some time with choosing those two things.

Your character and its face can also look very different if using small, medium, or large body types.


Each body type is able to carry different weapons. Also customization of weapons affect each weapon differently, so check out what exactly each customization does each time you pick a new weapon type.


These are a little hard to describe, but some details are covered later. I think the following video covers this subject well and you can also go to the official brink website for more information:


Some gamers have been using the words dynamically placed missions during the game. I think more accurate term is that during game play you can choose any class that suits the current mission (based on the concept of team play what your other team-mates have chosen) and this choice unlocks sub-missions that are unique to your character class.


Some players have mentioned that it does take a bit of time to get used the idea of being able to just move forward and not worry about how the player character actually gets there as being a little mind-blowing and takes a bit of time to get used to–no doubt this will be an advantage that first time players will hold over older and more experienced gamers. The slide along the ground is certainly an unusual but very pleasing move type for this game.

Body Types Brief Recap

Each body type has different abilities when moving forward. In general the lighter the body type the more abilities it has to move forward. The lightest body type can wall walk but also has the lowest hit points–but health buffing and a Kevlar vest can help. The heaviest body type has most hit points but can do little more than move forward and jump over stuff. As mentioned above, each body type is able to carry different sorts of weapons as primary and secondary. He heavy body type can carry the widest range of weapons.

More details about body types are given at the beginning of this article.

In game tips for the classes

One annoying class–the spy–can be picked out because they can’t shoot or interact directly with their world. Other spies can also blow their cover. So if a player on your team does not join in the battle, it may be because they are a spy. Also if they have the same name as you that’s a good indicator of a spy. Spies can also iron-sight the mines your sides engineer has placed and make them visible to his team (this action does not uncloak a spy). Once revealed, an engineer from the spies side can disarm the mine. A mine is also revealed when you step on it (and can be removed during this phase by an engineer) and detonates when you step off the revealed mine.

The engineer is also quite useful in removing explosives and hack devices.

Players have complained about sniper rifles and even pistols. Iron sighting sniper rifles and quick movements of the pistol allow for hits on distant players–they are certainly not useless weapons as some suggest.

The pistol comes with a knife and so the knife does damage instead of knock down. You can also kill downed opponents with a physical attack–most players choose to shoot or melee downed players and kill them,  but I have seen situations where players low on ammo are in rooms full of downed opponents that jump up after being healed by medics.

Getting near a downed player can be very dangerous as they may not be as helpless as they appear.

Initial game problems

Unfortunately there are some initial problems with the game:

  1. Lag in game-play has spoiled many of the players experiences of the game and perhaps soured their overall feel about Brink. This lag has an additional effect of preventing the development of team based co-operation and so spoiled the main advantages the game had going for it.
  2. Despite all that, players seem not to be use to a game that needs this level of co-operation and stay in a solo play mindset. Once the lag issues are addressed it’s my opinion that players will see this game play as the real future of shooter type games and will look back on the older style of game-play as a has-been!

It will indeed be interesting to see what happens to this game in the future. That being said, a gamers interest is short and new titles are coming out all the time, so let’s hope that Brink gets their time-table right and manages to hold onto a window of opportunity on people’s interest.

I’m anticipating that I will be adding a more positive review of this game in the near future when all these teething issues are put behind us.


Shortened link to this article: Brink (first person shooter PC game) fun to play in multiplayer mode:

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