Magnetars (star like objects that have unusally strong magnetic fields)

It is thought neutron stars with the correct mass may change into quark stars and then finally into Magnetars. Quarks however come in three different flavors. If one particular one dominates a thing called “color ferromagnetism” might occur and this what causes the powerful magnetic fields of a Magnetar.

Magnetars are quite interesting on their own.  They have all sorts of exotic properties. In Dec 27, 2004 a gamma ray blast from one of these babies was strong enough to send gamma ray detectors off the charts and change the earths upper atmosphere:

Because a magnetar has a extremely strong magnetic field, they are also thought to have a thing called an electron cloud that flows around the magnetar (star):

Magnetar electron cloud

Magnetar electron cloud

Magnetars (star like objects that have unusually strong magnetic fields):,

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