Are We Living In A Perfect World?

75% of people have shelter and housing; and 25% do not. 100 People, A World Portrait, does not paint a picture of a perfect world.

If the world is not perfect, then who are we to blame the homeless and refugees?

Certainly a highly populated city like Tokyo who’s rents are high is forced to find novel solutions to things that other countries might be able to ignore. One such solution is tent cities and Net Care Refugees. It has been hard to maintain a link to the tent cities regardless of if they are the middle class of the United States of America or Japan–so sorry if the link tends to turn bad; I guess those countries don’t like to hang out their problems for all the world to see:

Even worse, previously there were refugees from war, economic difficulties and even random disasters. However soon there will be refugees that are going to exist and we have a chance to plan for their existence and not treat them harshly! Global warming will cause a significant number of people to end up as refugees.

In reality, there is no door we can lock to prevent refugees or homeless people existing in our country (some even are due to our own countries behavior). Whatever lip service the world governments give out to convince us such a lock exists will end up false and we will eventually be forced to look the refugees and homeless in the eye and try to explain why we have treated our neighbors like that.


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